Sistas, supporting each other's businesses is vital to making and keeping our communities and finances strong. I, for one, am very interested in doing business with people who do business with me. How do you feel about that? It's funny to me how your friends and family neglect to support your business, but will purchase the same products from other sources. I've learned that the most support comes from total strangers who understand and believe in your products and/or services. Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, but certainly a fun one, an one that we can all identify with. Therefore, my proposal is for us to commit to each other.

Here's what I have to offer:

1) Ardyss International - Amazing weight loss program, nutritional supplements, great skin care, green household products, medical grade reshaping garments, and work from home business opportunities.

2) Just Write 4 Now - Assistance with writing business plans & proposals, resumes, editing, essays, personal, and more.

3) The Right Touch Phlebotomy Training - Providing phlebotomy training for companies and nursing groups nationwide. Technical writing assistance, SOP's, training manuals, curriculum development, and consulting for schools and companies.

What about you?

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So true, as others have said.  I was reading a comment on FB recently where a fellow author commented on the lack of support she has received from family and friends.  She went on to share that her book release party was mostly supported by (non-black) co-workers and hardly any family or so-colled friends.  I was able to relate to her comment because I had the same experience.  It use to bother me a lot but I finally had to suck it up and realize that the world is full of people and it is my job to to seek out the ones who are willing to support my work.

"I finally had to suck it up and realize that the world is full of people and it is my job to to seek out the ones who are willing to support my work."


Tracy, that is such a powerful statement you made. I'm learning how to do this now.

Prime example on why Oprah's main supporters and fans are every nationality but us!  The brainwashing has to end and this post was a step in the right direction. Stop talking about it and be about it!  I'm here to connect with other businesses because I'm tired of supporting others and sending their children off to college.

Hi ladies!


What a great idea; thanks for starting this, Souraya!


Mocha Writer is a copywriting service specializing in creating fabulous & affordable copy and content for small, women-owned businesses. I work with other small businesses, nonprofits and organizations as well. Some of my services include blog post writing, social media maintenance, press releases, press kits and editing. You can find more writing samples, testimonials and more on my website, If you have questions or anything, please feel free to email me:


Best wishes to you all : )

I need 2 talk 2 u about some editing and other services. Can u call me at 702-427-6970 when u have free time? Thanks!

I would love to connect with you about a book project I am working on.  Do you know any reputable publishers?


Brittney Smith

An online boutique for sweetz

You are absolutely right!  It is very disheartening when family members doubt your ability to succeed or even care to help you succeed.  I have learned to just stop telling my family what I am doing, and practicing the "I can show you better than I can tell you" motto with my business.  It is interesting to me that the only time my family comments on my business is when someone they know has been a customer of mine and fell in love with my products. 


But I am with you!  All about love and supporting others, so you can count me in!


What I have to offer is deliciously fresh homemade baked goods shipped straight to your door from my business  Sweetz Boutique is an online boutique of sweets that are loved by all and great for gifts, satisfying a sweet tooth, or just because!  I hope to see you all there as I will visit and patrionize your businesses as well!


Brittney Smith

Wow, this is a wonderful idea!  Thanks for starting this thread!

I am a small business finance consultant and my company is Simplistic Finacials  I help make business finance simple for the entrepreneur and empower them to understand the numbers for the purpose of running and growing their business.  Some of the services I offer are coaching and consultative services, setting up simple financial management processes that help entrepreneurs save time, save money, and make more money, small business budgeting, training/seminars, and more.  Check out my website, read some of the blog articles, and join the mailing list.


Jamie, I may need some revision on the copy of my website (especially the home page).

Hello Ladies


 I agree, it's time that we uplift and motivate each other by strengthen each other businesses .

I offer online Bookkeeping Service / Individual Tax Preparer as well as Teach individuals how to sew.

I'm a website designer & I make Flyers & Brochures for all type of business needs.

I assist people with a clear direction in starting business plans for them selves.

If I can assit any of my sister's please inbox me...


God Bless



Count me in for sure, I too have several ventures going one is called Winkys palace which is a adult toy site, done very tastefully. I also have women's financial site called moola chicks.

Hi Ladies,


I am currently doing a fundraiser to raise money to film my movie about bullying.  Please check out the link below.  Even if you can't donate, just going to the site will push my numbers up and allow me to be featured on the site.  Thanks so much!

Yes I feel the same way.  Support and tell a friend.  


I am an Independent Jewelry Consultant for Cookie Lee.  This is a trendy jewelry business that is based out of California.  Take a look and enjoy the online shopping.  Also,  please tell a friend.  SUPPORT. Thank you in advance. 


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