Lose 3 sizes in 10 minutes!! & Make TONS of Money to take you and your family to the next level financially!!

HEY There!

Make $30,000+ a month. NO joke! I joined a network marketing company 3
month ago with a compensation plan that is unherd of! By the end of
2010 I will be making well over 6figures with this company. What will
you be doing? IF YOU'RE READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE ...Make sure to check
out this message & let me know what you think!

Lose 3 sizes in 10 Minutes! No surgery, No pills, No excercise! & Make Tons of Money!

The opportunity of a life time! Make $30,000 a month in the career you are currently in! How is this possible? Our company Ardyss
International is a health and wellness network marketing company that
has the compensation plan that dreams are made of! The health and
wellness industry is a 3 trillion dollar industry and only getting
bigger, even during these hard economic times.

Ardyss International was founded 20 years ago in Mexico as a women’s garment manufacturer. Since then the company has grown
exponentially and now manufactures men’s and women’s body shaper
garments that have been medically engineered by a chiropractor and
Physician; along with many other health and wellness products such as
high potency antioxidant vitamins and skin care products.

Ardyss expanded to the United States about 2 years ago and is dedicated to providing its members/entrepreneurs with the best personal
business opportunity possible. Ardyss has great compensation plans and
a full team and back office to assist its members 100%.

An appointment with Ardyss WILL change your life!

During these trying economic times it is the perfect chance to take you and your family to the next level…financial security. In this
company we believe in being a family and team, helping one another to
success, and having tons of fun while doing it!

Don’t Wait to get the knowledge that is changing the life of thousands!

P.S. This is not a one of those typical personal business opportunities that promises you thousand of dollars a month with a
compensation plan that cant logically make you more than $5 per month.
This company is the real deal!

Call or email for more information and Showcase dates/locations in your area!

India Horton

Independent distributor

313 433 7796

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