As the sun peaks behind the economy cloud, we still need to be aware of our spending habits when it comes to beauty products.

Here, we believe in luxury on a limit so we have compiled a couple of tips for you when purchasing beauty products.

Sample, sample, sample!!!

When I go to the mall, home parties, expos or anywhere else for that matter I always stock up on samples. Sometimes I have so many samples that I don't actually have to purchase products, and when I do I always know what I am getting to, a great way to not waste money. Great sites that offer free samples are , , , .

Get your weekly dose of samples in Luxury on a Limit, our FREE money saver e-guide. Also receive free samples in the mail when you register. Send an email to

Clip It

I have no shame in my game I am the coupon clipping queen. I sit every Sunday and clip coupons. I also search the web for amazing deals which I pass along to you guys through my money saving guide that I send out.

To sign up for the guide send an email to

Home remedies

My grandma taught me so many home remedies that I could create my own line of health and beauty products (which will be debuting soon). Creating your own beauty products at home ( or using a few products you already have for multiple purposes) is a great way to save tons on beauty products and make some money on the side as well.

To receive our ebooks full of home health and beauty remedies please email us @

Don't ever feel low about saving money...remember real divas save money and real ballers keep the knots in their pockets not in someone else's.
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