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By far a positive attitude creates a positive outcome. The only way we can make our dreams/visions a reality is if we remain positive and make an effort to focus on everything we can do to push and move forward with our goals and realize our dreams as reality.


So on the blog I posted to day I created an exercise and challenge for everyone that reads it. I thought I'd start a discussion about having a positive outlook.


What do you think.....when pursuing a dream, what has a greater effect on our vision becoming a reality, positive thoughts, actions, words, and or negative actions, words, or actions (from yourself or others). Really think about it because what may be percieved as negative actions coming from other people toward us that is meant to destroy our dream/vision may be the very thing that makes us work even harder toward making it happen.


So What do you think?


~Tamishia Clayborn~

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Sometimes all we have is ourselves to push us toward our goal because everyone else may not understand what it is we are doing or attempting to do to acheive our personal goals/dreams/visions. So really it is up to us to remain positive and focused inspite of what others may say or misunderstand about the dream we/you/I have. Keep it movin and pushin regardless of what other people may think or believe about you.


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