Can you recommend a place where I can load word or pdf documents for training materials for my team? I was thinkig of Ning but if there is a free place where I can categorize the training materials that I can place on line for them to access...thank you

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Hi Kai. I like Google Docs and Zoho Docs.
thank you I will give this a look
I agree Lavada, Google docs is the best place to post your docs. I love it because you give access to the general public or specific people. Good luck!
Shownda Pagan
Google documents is free. You can also try basecamp, manymoon as well as a few other project management programs. but Google apps and google documents is 100% free and works very well. :-)
thanks what about video tourtials..can i load those as well
What about video tutorials can i load those as well
You can however; the user would have to download it. The best place for a video tutorial to me is You Tube. This way the world can see and share it; if that's your goal.

Another option is This is a great interface to use. Add videos to your site by simply attaching the video to a forum message. They are automatically embedded into the post if you have the multimedia filters enabled on your site.

Good luck!
Yeah this is training i only want for my team to see



I tried looking into how Moodle can allow my organization to go through trainings together, but I don't quite see that functionality. Can it be used as a web conferencer? If not, what's the best free web conferencer - Skype?

You can try it is a cloud software that your employees can access files


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