Hey Ladies,

I am needing some help. Okay, so I have always wanted to own my own business and do my own thing, but my problem is that I don't know were to start or what to do. I would like to use my God given gifts to make a living, but not knowing what angle to go on is really stumping me. My gifts are, speaking, writing, poetry and acting. My full time job right now is that I work in Higher Education and I help high schools students get to college. I like what I do and love my kids, but in my heart I know I was destined to do more. I need help! What did some of you ladies do to realize what your business was going to be?

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Honestly, God gave me the vision for my business when I wasn't expecting it. I prayed before about starting a business one day, and he made it happen later by providing every detail.

By the way, what type of writing do you do? Maybe we can explore that area.
I was at the right place at t he right time. I can honestly say that God brought my travel business to me. Its something that is easy to sell, that is interesting. I didn't want anything that i had to auto ship, or store in my house or was a hard sell.
This is so easy. I give out my business card or leave flyers about trips, cruises, resorts and special promotions and people respond and many actually book with me. Its a business and I have to work hard at it, like anything else but it beats working overtime or a second job. And its fun!
Hello empowered woman!

First off congratulations on being teachable and
reaching out to others.

An unstoppable woman entrepreneur (or aspiring) knows the
value of remaining teachable.

Yes, pray and as you pray be ready with pen and paper/journal
in hand. This is a state of expectancy.

I have a God inspired program starting
the week of November 2. I am combining success principles,
strategies and God's intervention in this program.

I utilize assessments, coaching, mentoring and the synergy
energy from the collaboration of like minded women to
empower everyone connected in "Dream Launch Mentoring
and Coaching program" to leave the program with clarity of
vision, goals, their niche, purpose and ideas for leveraging
their time. You will leave the program with a foundation for your Dream Launch.

Three modules:Personal/Business Foundation, Success Systems
and Dream Builder.

There are a few Executive and plus levels left and there's also the
Dream basic level. Go here to get started

My free preview call is here. Hope this helps!

I have a group on facebook called Aspiring Christian Women Entreprenurs you can look me up
and join there.


I started out in 1980. I opened a salon in NY. In that salon I had a little area that was set up as a boutique which I found I loved. When the women and men left, they alway carried something along with them, incense, oil, hair products, jewelry etc, and since I don't do hair anymore I found that I love selling products, a lot of them I make. I'm just getting started on the web, but I have been vendoring for over 10 years. Finds something you like, start out slowly, sell the friends, family, co-workers etc. I also wholesale and would like to get you started if interested. Check out my website or visit my social page at If its writing and poetry, my daughter started out at some of the spoken word places all over Ga. and is loving it. She is currently working on a magazine venture. Just go for it!
"Life Isn't About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself." I cannot take credit for this quote but as soon I started applying it to my life I was freed from the stress of trying to figure it out. I heard so much conflicting information when I got started on my entrepreneur walk...One of things I had to learn the hard way is that your "passion" may not get you paid...depending on where you are in life you may have to do what you have to do (for now) to be able to do what you want to do later...My strongest recommendation is to answer this question: "what is the one thing in the world you would do whether you got paid for it or not"? After you answer that question see how that can be turned that thing into something that will help build wealth or achieve your life goals...and go from there...I was in a situation that my "passion" would not get me paid so I decided to create myself into a problem-solver and go from there. I could go on and on but I think you got it...let's keep in touch...I look forward to hearing about your growth and continual success!


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