I was speaking to one of our members this weekend and she was looking for ideas on how to implement strategies that would help with fundraising for her non profit.


Although I don't have experience on this type of marketing, I was able to give her some great ideas to get started on her campaign. One suggestion I had was use GOOGLE.  Search the web to find tools and tips to assist with fundraising efforts. There is a wealth of info to be had for FREE if you just take the time to read and listen. 


Below are a few sites I found, using Google, that I thought could be helpful to those who need to learn and implement strategies to raise money for their non profits:


If you have any sites, tips and information you use for your non profit, please share them on this post.



Bianca King

Seven5 Seven3 Marketing Group

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Thanks for sharing Bianca! -lh
Hello. I have a candle business that I use solely for fundraising and would love to be of assistance to this group. This fundraiser can be quite profitable and candles are always fun.

You can more information at My information will be on my site if you wish to reach me directly or I can reached at

Sandy Harrison
Thanks Sandy - this is a great opportunity for a non profit. I shared your info with the member I spoke to a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks Bianca. I look forward to hearing from the group.

Hello to you all!

I currently work in fundraising as a grant writer, and I thought I would offer a bit of advice.

First, your friend should evaluate her organization to assess what type of support she needs, and in particular her operating budget. Some folks who start non-profits have very good ideas but don't stop to think about the sustainablilty of their organization. What need does the organization serve in the community? What other local organizations have the same mission, and how does your non-profit fill a niche? I suggest thinking about those things first.

Some good resources are the Foundation Center and Blackbaud. She can also visit her local United Way, which has a development center with a wealth of resources for non-profits. Here are some links below:
Would be helpful to know the type of non-profit: women, children, research, environment.

Anyway, here are a couple of sites you can start with - the Foundation Center, and, are great places for non-profits to find resources.

Hope you find this helpful.

Musu, thanks so much! The non profit I was referring to in the original post is for girls and young women. However, I didn't want to give specifics due to others needing information about their non profit niche as well -just looking for general information that can be shared universally. Thanks again!!
Hi Bianca,
Almost everyone loves to receive and give gift baskets and flowers. There is a very easy fundraiser I offer with my La Bella gift basket business. For more detailed information, please send me an email:
Thank you,
Kia Simmons
Hi Bianca,

Another great -healthier- fund raising alternative to the traditional -which may involve bake sales with cookies and cakes- is the Nonprofit Organization Program Beachbody offers. Why not replace cake and candy drives with wellness drives!?
The program is an opportunity for a qualified, charitable organization ( IRS designated 501 (c)(3) or Tax Exempt Organization) to earn money with a Team Beachbody Coach Business.
Benefits to the organization:
No sign-up fees
No monthly business services fees
25% commission on retail sales
Weekly commission checks or option for Direct Deposit (EFT)
2 Web sites with online store (monthly fee waived)
Support tools to promote and manage business
Easy administration
25% discount on fitness and nutritional products

Some great fund raising fitness program options for an organization that benefit kids and teens:
Sean T's Get Real (tweens and teens)
Sean T's Fit Club (7 & up) video clip:
Kids really have fun with it! See how this teacher implemented Sean T's Fit Club for her 5th grade students at school:
Tony & The Kids! (5-12)
Hip Hop Abs (teens -adults)
Turbo Jam (teens -adults)

If the entity happens to be a church, there is an exciting new Non-Profit Program involving Donna Richardson Joyner and the Body Gospel Program http. Here's a clip:
I'm currently using this particular fitness program and I absolutely love it!
Fit Clubs are set-up within the Church, getting the community started on a path to good health and fitness while also supporting and giving back to their Church through the retail profits of all fitness products sold. Bishop Eddie Long recently signed his Church -New Birth Missionary- with Beachbody to participate in the Non-Profit Program.
Body Gospel Success Stories:
Also implements Shakeology as an option for a healthy, 3 -Day Jump-Start -cleansing- Plan
About Shakeology:
25 Doctors Don't Lie:

There are more fitness programs that may be suitable for specific Non-Profits but for now I hope this helps! Please shoot me an e-mail at if you'd like further details.

Thanks you,

Sorry... here is the correct link for Sean T's Fit Club:



I work with various Non-Profits Orgs with there fundraising efforts. I offer cruise fundraising ideas as well as other land vacation ideas for fundraising. For more information about my Fundraiser Package please email me.

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