Obama is in office now, do you think your business will grow?

I know my business will grow because the economy will be better off. My business is growing now because the way things cost, my mall is cheap and it helps others. What about your business?

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I tend to think that certain businesses will prosper no matter what the economic climate is. Obama being put in office is great and all (indeed, I voted for him), but I still operate on the belief that if a business idea is useless, it'll fail no matter what Washington looks like. And on the flipside, it'll do great no matter what DC is doing if it helps folks and thus, they really see the value in whatever the product is. I only caution against people thinking that now that Obama is in office any and everything will prosper. Sometimes that won't be the case...
I am happy you feel that way. It makes businesses more determined and focused on success and the people. Always be on your toes because no matter who is in office, your business depends on the people and what is in demand. Thanks for your response. It does and will help people.

Ms. Kay
My business is totally geared to black women embracing their natural hair. So I hope that having Barack as a figure head will motivate black people to feel proud of ourselves. A lot of ladies are learning about the negative affects of relaxers and weaves and have started going natural and getting locks as well. That helps my business. Even in times like these we as black women will still uphold our beauty. My products are so unique and priced within means that they continue to surprise me with growing orders.

Good topic Ms. Kay

Take care,
Thank you for your business. My hair gets nappy pretty quick and it is nice to find products out there geared to helping the different texture hairs. Good luck on your business and if you would like for me to help you find business or customers, let me know. I have an online mall and if you would like one for free, let me know as well.

Ms. Kay
On a different note.....

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Take Care,

.... keep sharing ladies for the interrupt
Thank you! I thought this subject would be applicable with the way the economy is. Businesses have to change with the people, after all, the people are our customers. So, it is important to keep track of the economy and what is going on. Thank you for responding to my post.

My business is a mall that helps non-profit organizations. Right now, the business itself is supporting One-Child-At-A-Time and they have chosen a young gifted boy from Africa to receive the donations for this month. If anyone wants to know more, they can visit, The mall is free and you make money by giving the malls away. People shop in their own malls and you make money. But, I just don't think about the money part, I think about what I can do.

Good luck to everyone on their future endeavors and success!

Ms. Kay
Let's just believe that Change is here.
There's a big mess in Washington D.C,, and it has to be cleaned up.
Let's all wish for the best. As for me, I'm going to ride until the wheels
fall off.
That is beautiful. You keep going. I am going to keep on because no matter what happens in the White House, I have to believe and stick with the growing population and times. Businesses will change rather who is in charge or not. Great response. If you have a business, let me know and I will check it out. I have my own business but it never hurts to have more than one, I always say.


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