Notice to all my sisters,


Get a TV quality commerical that you can use on all of your social network markets or media outlets of your choice.  We will provide 5 free demos to the first 5 members that respond.  All we ask is that you get the word out about our business.  Videos can be produced for businesses, personal events, memorable occasions, holidays and churches etc.   We are also offering commissions for your referrals. 

Please note that this is not just an effort to promote my business; but to help promote your businesses as well.  We can help each other succeed. 



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I'm in. So when do we start.  I'd like to blog about the process on my blog.

Thanks for your response. What type of business do you have and what type of commercial would you like. You can provide images and/or video or we can access you website to gather information. Just want to get a fill for your business and your target market.

Again thanks for the reply. Start blogging sister!

If you would like to call I can be contacted at 318-335-8797 or 877-862-4183.


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