Greetings All & Merry Christmas .....

It’s your friendly neighborhood Digital Drummer again (smile)

I'm in a holiday mood this morning and wanted to see if I could pass on the Joy.

Living in Las Vegas has its advantages but for someone rooted in Black culture (yes Virginia ... we do have a culture) I miss the big city. In LA and NY, Black radio is always playing Black Christmas classics around this time of year.

That being said, and this being the season, I have a question for everybody .... How many Black Christmas Classics Can You Name?

Let me give you some hints;

Boys to Men ... Let It Snow
Jackson 5 .... Some Day At Christmas
James Brown .... Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
Nat King Cole ..... (Do I have to say the name )

( see my favorites at YouTube to listen/watch the above videos

If everyone that reads this post sends their favorite 5 Christmas Soul Classics to (or just post it up here), on Christmas day I will publish a list of the top 100.

In 2005 I did this survey ( and the response was phenomenal, with over a 15% response rate (Let's do 50% this year).. The message was seen by approximately 10,000 adult Black Net citizens (meaning they have subscribed to a specific online community), on over 300 websites, newsgroups, bulletin boards, and online communities. 2,250 songs were submitted. Totaling 115 individual Christmas carols/songs recorded by Black artists (or artists accepted by the Black community).

The number one Black Christmas Carol in 2005 turned out to be "Silent Night" by the Temptations. The Temptations were also the most nominated recording act, with five songs off their 1980 Christmas album, submitted to this survey (two in the top 10). Donnie Hathaway came in second, with his beloved Black classic, "This Christmas". Surprisingly, Nat King Cole's classic, "The Christmas Song" did not rank in the top 20, even though, in all it's various renditions, it was the most nominated individual song. Another surprise was the diversity of songs nominated. Everyone from Ray Charles to Run-DMC; from Mariah Carey to Mahalia Jackson; from Jazz to Pop to Blues, was submitted as a favorite Black Christmas Carol.

Please forward this request to your network of online friends and lets see if your favorite makes it to the top of the list this year. Remember he's the reason for the season!

Remember, we must share the knowledge (Network)….to share the dollars!


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