Lesson 1: For me it is to save more. You see as a real estate investors I thought that I could print money (lol) any time I needed it. But as you all know real estate has being hit in such a bad way that now it is hard to make a living as an investor. Now that I am a Ambit Energy Consultant. I help people SAVE on their energy bill (electricity and natural gas).

In our community, many don't know that they have a choices in who provide their energy. Their incumbents (in our case Con Ed and National grid) promote on their website the fact that they have a choice. It is even on their bill. But still there is a very large percent of people who are still uneducated about the fact that energy has been deregulated by the government to break up the monopoly. For example, Con Ed no longer own generators, so therefore they are not generating energy.
It is very rewarding to educate people on their option to purchase their energy from my company because of the following facts:

 No cost to switch.
 No credit check.
 Save 7% under the incumbent's published rate for the first two months.
 Guaranteed annual savings of 1% under the incumbent's published rate or Ambit Energy will send the customer a check for the difference - WOW!
 Travel reward program: upon enrolling the customer will receive a voucher for 3day/2night hotel stay. The opportunity to receive free vacations or cruises.
 Free Energy: the customers can obtain energy credit up to and including free energy.
 Satisfaction guarantee
 No contract
 No cost to switch back

Lesson 2: Earn more money - now and in the future with residual income.

Real economic sustainability comes in my opinion by creating a profit center that produces even when you are not working at it. Now picture this - electricity and natural gas are an habitual products, unconsciously used- who do you know that don't use electricity?. Matter fact when evaluate REO or foreclosure houses I will guarantee you that 9 out of 10 house still have their electricity on. So let me relate that to my business, I get paid every time one of my customers use their electricity and or natural gas. The other great way of earning money is as much fun as helping people save, every time my partner and I help someone start their own business when also get a bonus down so many levels that every time I think of it I get goose bumps.

Another area of my business that I love is that the company has created an affiliate program to help organization (churches, association, non-for-profit, apartment association) fundraise by helping their membership save on their energy bill. Several non-profit organization are already using this as one of the strategies to fundraise in this economy where many are experiencing a decline in their donations.

Maybe this business is not for you but I urge you to do two things save as much as possible and find a way to make money in your sleep.

I would love to hear from you.


Ambit energy is in Texas, Illinois and New York city, Long Island, upstate.

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