Hello Community, 

May this information find you doing very well. 

I had community member ask me what was the best way to get their message out to the world. 

I quickly said, blog. 

Yes, blog, tell the world what you are doing. Why are you doing it, How they can benefit by joining with you. 

Sometimes , the only thing someone is "selling" is a message. That's it!!! No tangible product, no digital info, no business opportunity, no investment opportunity, etc. 


Many times these folks are just looking for folks who resonate with their message. 

Now the most interesting part of this process, is that, after you locate people who resonate with your message, you can share additional information. 

Ok, the main stream promoter call this "building trust" before selling someone. 

I suggest that should not be your motive. I suggest you continue to locate people who resonate with your message and learn what they are looking for!! Yes, what they are looking for. More of your message, discussion about your message, updates on  your message, even disagreement with your message. 

The key is you have established another "connection point" in this vast world of multicultural citizenry

Juniques shares how to create a blog from juniques marketing on Vimeo.

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