I have a question and I'm sure you wonderful ladies can help me out. Ok, I have been invited to an upcoming local craft show which I am soooo excited about, but at the same time a little nervous cause I want to be as professional as possible. My question is: I have some business cards that I actually made into tags for my jewelry. Well some of the information on the cards is wrong for example it has my old contact number on them thats it. Is their a creative way that I can recycle these cards or should I just forget it and toss them all away? 

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Yeah thats a great idea. I'll try that and see how they look. Thanks! I was putting all the jewelry in their right places and came to realize that I have like 300 pairs of earrings I'm still not done it's almost overwhelming trying to sort through this stuff...
Thank you I never thought about doing that its a good idea. You ladies on here are just amazing and I appreciate everyone.


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