Raising Your Revenue & Return: Women Entrepreneurs Share End of Year Lessons Learned

At the close of every year its a good idea to reflect on what worked and what did not work for your business, so that you can turn those experiences into teaching tools for the new year. Click here to listen to this complete 60 minute audio session on

Now It's Your Turn to Share

Use the comment box below and share your end of year lessons learned.

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I've learned so much this year, but first i will share that if i'm not investing in myself, how can expect anyone else to.  I also learned that I had to change my mindset on the value I was placing on myself and my products.  so when i really got clear about my belief systems, I was then able to start shifting my business and focus towards my new beliefs.

I am a work in progress!

I know exactly what you mean when I launched my new home-study system, i did not get anyone to buy.  so i have taken my system an d revamped it.  for christmas , i even gave it away for free to some promising future diaper cake business owners, and that way, it gave me a chancdee to get some great feedback and tweek it.  so i'm blessed to have been able to be a blessing to them

yes , i'm from the south, i know what you mean, by putting my foot in it.  i have some bonuses for my new home study system that will be launched january 20th 2012. yes i totally agree

yes, i learned my lesson when i ended up in the ER from overworked

i'm with you Vernetta, I learned about taking days of rest for myself so that I can feel refreshed.  all work and no play is definitely not fun!

amen, i now put it on my daily to-do-list "me time whether it's taking anap or reading a book, just some time to myself

I know this was posted in 2011, however about 45 days left in 2012  I would say I learned to do something every day towards my business goal and to really run it as a business and not a "side hussle' if I dont have anything to do.

Business must be run like business.



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