It's no secret. We are all different. Our businesses are different, but we are all striving for the same things. Every entrepreneur wants the best marketing plan, the promotion, and essentially the profit that SHOULD come with having your own business.

And yet, for many the profit NEVER comes. In spite of that fact that every entrepreneur WANTS this stuff, only a few achieve success because not everybody gets how this STUFF actually works. Let me assume for a minute that you are one of the few who truly wants to build a successful online business AND you want me to help you figure this all out.

If that is true, then I want you to go and watch my video ‘Get it Girls Only’, so you can find out about the special offer that I have created just for you. This is a time sensitive offer, so please go watch the video now. Get it Girls is not for everybody and this opportunity won’t be available for very long. Click here to watch the video.

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Foremost, I hope you're having a cool, hot summer . . .

I'm not necessarily a "newbie", although there is alot I've yet to learn about growing an optimal web presence, and I'm not interested in placing Google ads on my website, but, that said, do you think being a network member would be still valuable to a "novice" like me ?

Meanwhile, as always, let’s continue to encourage others to do their part in uplifting the quality of life and learning for our children.

Together, we'll show the world how smart, beautiful and special our children really are.

R. Lee Gordon
President / Executive Director
UniTee Design, Inc. / The Better Detroit Youth Movement / /
Toll Free: 888.OUR.RBG.TEES / Phone: 313.516.8384 / Fax: 313.342.6324
Hi R. Lee.

Great question. The site is not just for web 'newbies' but those who are new to building their presence online. And again, building site presence or making money online is more than just using Google Adsense. That being said, this network will provide a diverse amount of information with respect to being a web entrepreneur. Some of it will come in the form of my ebooks, some of it from my connecting you to relevant online sites / services, and also from members asking questions so that we can collectively talk about what it means to optimize your site, and get information from people like myself with a strong understanding of these concepts.

Hopefully that answers your question, send me an email if you want the signup link.

I hope you're well. If it's not too late will you please sign me up for one of the free slots. Best of luck to you on the new site. Thank you so much.
Please sign me up before all the slots are gone too for the special offer
LaShanda, I truly believe that God always puts us where we need to be when we need to be there. I know you are the blessing He's sent to help me get my business going in the right direction. I pray that one of these spots is available for me.

Please sign me up for one of those slots. There will always be something new to learn. I'm open.
Hi! Great idea! Please sign me up if there are any available slots!
Please sign me up, and pls let me know the next step,thanks.

Please sign me up for the Web Newbie if there is a slot available.

Thank you,

Tammy Barbee
If there are any slots left, please add my name to the network.
Hi LaShanda,
Please sign me up, for the web newbie.

Thanks Angela
I would love a membership to your new program. Please sign me up


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