Ready to Fly by Nakia R. Laushaul, author of The Truth As I See It


Ready to Fly

by Nakia R. Laushaul, author of The Truth As I See It




Shouldn’t I be ecstatic every time I grow? Every experience in my life enhances me, impacts me in some way. Both tiny and large, I study them all and take each one seriously. Why am I so not satisfied with just what I have? When the yearning in me keeps calling out to me disrupting my sleep, ending relationships. Some days I feel guilty, then I try to remember peace, and love, and life are promised to me and more abundantly if I do what He tells me (John 10:10). It has taken so many years for me to accept my identity and embrace my destiny. And finally run. I have no more years to waste, as I played many days away.



Most importantly I must remember, we are all living our own strategically mapped out lives. Although I want all my brothers and sisters by right by my side, that is for God to decide. Stay. Go. Stay. Grow. Stay. No, come with me. They can’t. They are not supposed to; they have their own destinies that if not today, will one day burn a purpose in their hearts and they too will run. It's ok for them to do their own thing, which I must accept because I’m doing me and going wherever God has my love of writing lead me.



I heard a cute story. I can't remember it all so, as I shorten it, of course I will exaggerate it and change it to tell it in my own way to fit my thoughts ;-) and my randomness, still you will get the gist..



An eagle, lost from its mother was raised by a hen. When it was small this was ok. Until one day it began to stretch out its mighty wings and its difference began to become apparent. The eagle tried and tried to fit in, it wanted to be happy clucking and pecking around the chicken ring. The chickens were happy. But every time the eagle stretched out its wings; it would soar off the ground… just a little. The other chickens became excited and tried to flap away too.



Yet, they couldn't quite get their feet off the ground, so they stopped trying of course. Now what was an eagle to do, should it soar because that’s what God gave it great wings for? Or should it stay cooped up in a coop to small with chickens that cared nothing for eagles at all. Bigger and greater it grew; til there was nothing left to do, and off to great heights it flew.

The eagle crossed paths with its mother high in the sky and all she said was “I was wondering when you were going to figure out that you weren't chicken. You are an eagle my child.”



Nakia R. Laushaul, author of The Truth As I See It

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