I need some advice, I am currently signed up with a company called Yardsellr where you can sell you handcrafted items online all for free. I'm making pretty good sales, but my question is when someone buys off me, should I follow up with them from time to time to see if they would like to purchase anything else or should I just leave that and let them come to me if they want to? 

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If possible you should always follow up. Nothing too intrusive, just a quick thank you for purchasing X on X day. If you liked X then you might like our new X. Please visit us again soon for your gift needs, etc. With so many choices it's easy for people to lose track of you plus it makes you more of a brand/friend than merely a company. Hope that helps. Happy spring. 

Yes thank you so much that was a huge help. At first I wasn't going to ask that question cause I thought some people might think its a stupid or silly question, but that is just what I needed. 

Excellent! Good luck!

You should definitely follow up with them.  Thank them, tell them more about you and your business, offer another product to sell, etc.  And continue to always follow up with them forever, whether they buy again or not.

Thank you i'm going to all my contacts right now plus i need to get  more organized.


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