These days finding a stable "job" is like a needle in the haystack.  Many people are seeking to become business owners, bloggers and entreprenuers and the like.  It can be scary and overwhelming stepping out initally, but the thought of having something to call your own can fuel your fire.  While I work on building up my blog and learn a lot of great tips to build presence online, I decided to join a Diret Sales Company.  I must admit, I am loving it, I'm in my third month and with this being the holiday season, the product has been selling itself.  I have found that I enjoy "sharing" the opportunity to with others and the products rather than having selfish motivation to just build my team or sales.  I also love that the direct sales company I joined has thorough training and an awesome network of consultants that don't see each other as competiton but rather a family to help one another!  The company has also provided a path and a clear outline of how to be successful.  I don't expect to be rich "quick" but I plan on working this business to it's full potential and continue to share the opportunity with others.  What companies have joined and what do you appreciate about them?

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