Peace & Blessings Everyone... I was driving on a back road a few days ago and saw a lawn sign with Save The Slaves .com... I was extremely curious as to what this was about.... I am SO happy I logged onto it... please share with everyone and PLEASE take action. My family and I went out on Tuesday and we discovered two more graves. The school board is trying to deny that they had knowledge of this site and I was told "worst case scenerio they would be moved. We don't believe that's an option. They are going to build a student parking lot next to the cemetary!!!
They need to know the world is watching! "If they could not rest in life, let them in death!"

A slave cemetery has been found in Wake Forest, North Carolina. This grave site was found 10 ten years ago by John Hebert. He kept it a secret to keep it safe so people would not come in and try to steal artifacts. It's probably the only true place where the slaves can rest, and now the Wake County Board of Education wants to build over it. It's a historical site that should not be forgotten and built over. Don't let the suffering of 65 to 70 slaves be tread on just because the school board wants another high school.
Contact The Wake County Board of Commissioners and The Wake County School Board tell them to Save the Slaves
Wake County School Board Contact Information:

http://www. wcpss. net/Board/boeinfo. html

Say no to the highschool, and yes to build a memorial and a park. This is a historical piece of North Carolina's history that should never be forgotten.
Wake County Board of Commissioners Contact Information:

http://www. wakegov. com/commissioners/boc/default. htm

Please CC every email you send to the commissioners or anyone else to .
Thank You for your much needed support! LET THEM KNOW THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!!!
We're not asking for money... just a little time and a email to the people to let them know this place is sacred and it matters!

For Details and more information visit
http://www. SaveTheSlaves. com

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