It feels like only yesterday when BBWO consisted of me and a handful of ladies looking to network online and now we have thousands of members across the US and around the Globe.

I am always looking for new ways to keep us connected, so I decided to host this 'Small Business' discussion forum. I think this is a great opportunity to discuss:

  • Small Business and Start up Questions
  • Online Marketing Trends and Strategies
  • Resources and Recommendations
  • Your Current Business and/or Passion Projects
  • Issues Affecting Women Entrepreneurs Today


Please use the comment box below to post your business details, questions and/or insight. I will be checking back here periodically to engage, answer questions and discover the resources that you have to share! I hope you regularly check back here too!

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Hello, I work directly with bank underwriters and one thing most business owners and entrepreneurs look over to help their business is file a ucc-1 financial statement on their business credit to help get funding.  By filing that document it gives your business credibility.  Basically, what ever you invested in the business you need to file a lien against the business for it.

Once your business is showing profits, it show start paying the investor back.  This is very vital to any business.  I had to learn the hard way.  Also focus on what vendors you use for the business.

this is great thanks so much for all you do and all the #BBWO for the support and all the tools to become successful online . my question>> i"m starting a 8 week internship program for my company TAB45 ENTERPRISES, but have not a clue how to put my company logo on my intern application? thx so much ms henry #yourock blessed week 1love

Do you think it's important to focus on growing your Facebook fan page numbers?

Yes because the more groups your a part of and the more people you mingle with the more comfortable they will feel about you and your product.

Do you join groups with the express intention of promoting your business/FB page? I'm looking for some good tips on the best ways to grow that number?

We're trying to decide whether to offer and ebook for free as an email list building tool or sale it while maybe providing a portion for preview. This will be our first attempt at distributing an ebook. Thoughts?


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