Social Roll Call: What are some your small business challenges and solutions?

Greetings BBWO!


I usually host our social roll calls on Facebook, but today I decided to keep it in house. After reading Azalee's recent forum question on "Adding Consulting to Her Blog" I decided to spark this conversation.


  1. What are your current small business challenges?
  2. What advice can you share to other BBWO members?
  3. Do you have a recommendation to any of the challenges posted below?

Alright ladies and gents, let's start sharing. And here are a few resources to know The SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit | SistaSense Circle Weekly Calls | SistaSense Resources to Know.

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Right now it's just getting our Twitter and Facebook counts up.  We have grown in the small time we've been on Social Media but trying to reach some great numbers.  Oh, is who we are.  Follow us on Twitter @cocktailsnconvo and Facebook



Nice looking blog!  I'm going to have to try the "Pink Bikini" this weekend. :)

Currently my challenge is marketing.  I know what I want to do, but not necessarily how to go about it.  Like Robin, I'd like to drive more traffic to my FB fan page and Twitter and additionally my blog.  I have a social media and blog plan/schedules and posts, but don't know tips and tricks to generating conversations and traffic.  Quite frustrating.



Getting more sales o my jewelry site     Moving forward on restarting my trading company and narrowing down the information and focus on international trade. What to start with?

Good Day Ladies,


  1. What are your current small business challenges? Getting more speaking engagements
  2. What advice can you share to other BBWO members?
  3. Do you have a recommendation to any of the challenges posted below?  When marketing and advertidsing your social media site (s), you need to have a plan of action.  How are you going to drive traffic to those page (s)?  What is your tartget market for your pages i.e. Do you only want women business owners to contribute to your page (s)?  How will you reach those markets?  Your e-mail list is gold in your marketing strategy send our an e-mail blast announcing your social media site and invite them to join.  Invite guest bloggers, writers to contribute something to your page.  Make your page of value to your target market i.e. a resource page where they can meet and greet other on-line business owners off-line, information on how to build your business, networking and business events etc. 



Eula M. Young, COO

Griot's Roll Film Production & Services Inc.




Eula, thanks for the FB "Like"!

Hi Ladies,

  • What are your current small business challenges?
  • Getting more clients, selling ebooks, & speaking engagements, spreading the word about my business


I have also incorporated a safety series for teenagers into my business model.  How do I find the Parents of teenagers, so that I can market this ebook series to them?


What advice can you share to other BBWO members? Don't give up, failure is not an option


  • Do you have a recommendation to any of the challenges posted below?  I will can't provide any recommendation's to the comments, expect that sharing your knowledge to help others is wonderful


Diane Griffin

Owner: Security First & Associates LLC

Author:  Everything you need to know about the security clearance process, but are afraid to ask.

Author:  Protecting your teens on facebook.

Author:  Advice to Parents of teens that drive, texting and sexting

My challenge is getting paying customers...  it seems like there alot of interest in my business but once I send prices, invoices ect. I don't hear from them again. Also I need to market more but to what audience?
  1. What are your current small business challenges? The biggest challenges I'm facing now is start up budgeting. When I first started out planning financials for my business, I didn't set a realistic budget nor did I factor in everything I would need to start up. Plus, along the way, I've found task/products that would be an asset ("need") to my start up which is causing my budget to overflow.
  2. What advice can you share to other BBWO members? 1. I would recommend you set a realistic budget for your business. Expect to add things along the way that weren't originally factored into the plan. Most importantly, try to stick to your budget as close as possible. If you feel you can't or won't, when you've finish calculating your cost and fees, factor in extra money for last minute or forgotten items/purchases/fees. 2. Don't try to be bigger than you are. You have to crawl before you walk. Set realistic goals for your business. If you don't need it and can afford to hold off until you pick up business and start to show profit, then leave it off your "to do" list for now. 3. Finally, be resourceful. You don't have to use big company to start up your business. I've tapped into ebay, craigslist, vistaprint, and other things to set up my home office, storage material for my merchandise, business cards, post cards, mailing materials, etc. Too, comes in very handy for the "do it yourself" individual. Instead of buying business books and learning accounting and other things you need to know about your business, I went to and found a large majority of the information and know hows myself. I even learned how to build my own website. I've found that I'm spending less money on things that would normally cost a fortune if purchased else where, not to mentioned, the information I need to do things myself.
  3. Do you have a recommendation to any of the challenges posted below? It seems as though all of us are faced with marketing issues to increase our customer base. Although word-of-mouth, twitter, facebook, and others used is great, we cannot depend solely on these marketing tools to drive customers. I recommend doing post card mailers and sticking them on ppl's car windows, passing them out in lines at the grocery stores or mall, where ever you go, have them on hand to pass out. Too, don't be afraid to email ppl. If you ever received an email from a friend with the whole history of other folks that have received it before it landed in your inbox, GET THOSE EMAIL ADDIES. Use them as part of your marketing tool to get the word out about your business. I'm sorry but using ONLY media sites cannot be your only marketing plan. Spread your wings, be creative, be resourceful and be willing to work just as hard as marketing than you are at running your business. Sorry for such a long post, but I there is never enough knowledge when it comes to opening and running a successful business. I hope this information helps someone.


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