I want to share some information about a Challenge I am doing. I wanted to connect it with my blog but my blog is requiring me to publish the pages and i dont want them to go to my subscribers. So i am thinking that once they go to my blog and click on info for the challenge i will take them to my static pages for more info or ordering informatin.

Where is the best place to do static pages? I dont have wordpress yet.

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Hi Kai! is a platform that will allow you to create your own landing/lead capture pages.  I also provide landing page services.  Here are a few pages I've recently created for my clients:


Empowerment Coaching by Jill Arrington

Black Family Learning


Visit Gems Shine Consulting's landing page services for more information.  Also, I am more than happy to provide you with tips for designing your web pages so that more of the visitors to your web page respond to your call-to-action.


Have a blessed one!

Oh thanks..I just saw this post and ended up using google sites..can you look at my page and see if i gave too much information
What is the url for the page?
I will email this to you.
Your pages are nice. I need like five. Do you do them for facebook? If not, why not?
Thanks Michelle!  I currently do not create landing pages for Facebook.  Last I looked into it, there were limitations as to what HTML could be embedded and how conversions could be tracked using web analytics.

Michelle, are you familiar with the Welcome Tab app for Facebook?  You can use it to create landing pages for Facebook.  Here is an example of a simple one I created for my teleconference "Why Sending Traffic to Your Home Page Doesn't Work".  The tool is very easy to use, plus it provides analytics data so you know how much traffic you are getting to the page.

A few tips for creating effective landing pages:

1. The most important element of the page is the "above the fold" area.  This is the top area of the page that is viewable without scrolling.  Make sure you are using compelling headlines and copy, images, videos, etc. in this area.  Give the visitor a reason to scroll to get more information.

2.  Limit navigation/links to other pages to help keep the visitor focused on the action you want them to take.

3.  Include a clear call-to-action.  Tell the visitor exactly what you want them to do.

4.  Include trust/credibility elements like testimonials, a photo of yourself, contact information, etc.


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