Submitting A Radio Replay from your BlogTalkRadio Show to be featured on BBWO

Hey guys!

As you know there is always something new on BBWO. Our latest updates: the new eBook Directory and the Ask LaShanda help page were just the beginning. The upcoming addition to BBWO will be the new Radio Shows area.

We have a growing number of members who have either been featured on a radio show or host a show of their own (view here), which is what sparked the idea to create a Radio Replay channel, where members can share their best blogtalkradio show replays and other members can listen in!

This new channel is a work in progress (see here), if you would like to get the details about how to submit an mp3 recording of one of your shows for inclusion, leave a comment below.

As always, more to come!

LaShanda Henry

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thank you getting started next year 2012 it's at the top of my projects along with a book on women's health #BBWO

Good News Ladies: Now you can add your radio shows / audio downloads to BBWO via our new BBWO Radio player. You have your own player on your profile page AND you can now submit audios for featured inclusion in the main Radio player featured on ALL pages of the BBWO Network. This is a great space to repost your blogtalkradio replays, telecalls, audio sessions, reviews, book previews, music tracks and more. More details and other BBWO updates here.

This is so cool. Now I have something great to listen to while I work.


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