Submitting A Radio Replay from your BlogTalkRadio Show to be featured on BBWO

Hey guys!

As you know there is always something new on BBWO. Our latest updates: the new eBook Directory and the Ask LaShanda help page were just the beginning. The upcoming addition to BBWO will be the new Radio Shows area.

We have a growing number of members who have either been featured on a radio show or host a show of their own (view here), which is what sparked the idea to create a Radio Replay channel, where members can share their best blogtalkradio show replays and other members can listen in!

This new channel is a work in progress (see here), if you would like to get the details about how to submit an mp3 recording of one of your shows for inclusion, leave a comment below.

As always, more to come!

LaShanda Henry

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Yes, please provide the details about how to post my show! I broadcast weekly on Tuesdays
Awesome idea! this way I don't have to search I can just come here and listen! You Go!

Yes, I would like to receive the details.

Thank you.
Hi there
I would like more information on how to post my show. I have a Sunday Morning Show Call The Cheap Cheetah Money Show(tm) It's all about the money Thanks


Thanks for the opportunity. My show is titled Sisters Taking Ownership of Community and Kulture. My past shows have featured, business owners, writers, artist, politicians, activist, syndicated talk show host and pastor, and organization's who are making change in their community's. I would definitely like to know more and participate in this special opportunity.

Peace, Love & Prosperity
I do a weekly live radio show on WCOM and then turn it into a podcast. I'd love to submit it.
I would like to receive the information. I have a show titled Money and Marriage Xposed that airs every Tuesday at 8pm EST on Blogtalk radio and have had some excellent guest interviews. Life changing information is being provided!
Hi, LaShanda. I have a radio show called Inspiration Corner on blogtalkradio, and I'd like to know how I can upload my shows to BBWO. Please advise and thank you.

Greetings LaShanda!
Yes I would love to have information on submitting my Blogtalk Radio interview.
I had my 1st online Radio interview. Please check it out.

Many more to come
Hi Ladies ... I am finally working on a Radio Show Directory for BBWO - be one of the first to review it and/or submit your show for inclusion. Click Here.
Hey this is awesome, I would love to be featured on your radio show. I was just featured on the successful women blog talk radio this month. It was exciting and fun!


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