The Bible tells the story of two houses. One built on sand and the other on a solid rock. When the storm came...well, we all know which one lasted.

How is your business foundation? Do you have all things in place for a successful 2010? Are you operating as a professional or are you still treating your business like a side hustle?

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that because they are great at their trade, they have all the tools necessary to run a successful business. Not so! Most businesses fail within their first two years, and most because of poor planning and management.

Client Case Study:
Catina was a great stylist. After unsuccessfully shopping around for the perfect salon location in Atlanta, she decided to operate her business out of her home for the time being. She had the perfect name, great skills, and a vision for a successful salon. But, Catina did not know how to achieve her goals.
After our one on one consultation, she received a thorough assessment of where she was and the map to get where she needed to go. She soon learned that first things were first. She needed the proper government filings and registrations to make herself legal. She also soon found that if she ever expected to receive funding through loans or investors for her commercial building, she had better put an accurate bookkeeping system in place, complete with professional industry-standard financial statements. Investors are more eager to contribute to a business with a proven track record. Catina is now well on her way to achieving her goals faster than she ever could alone. She realized she needed help and asked for it. Are you Catina?

Ask yourself these questions:
Have you completed all government requirements to make your business legit?
Do you have all bookkeeping and administrative systems in place?
Do you know exactly where your business is at all times in the spectrum of your larger goals?
Do you have professional marketing materials, website, and business cards?
When clients call, are they unprofessionally being greeted by one of your kids?
Does your business e-mail look like this (

Ladies, it is time to step up. Get out of the "side hustle" mentality and take your business to new heights!

If you need help in any of these areas, Lloyd and Associates is ready to assist you. My associates and I specialize in bookkeeping, administrative management, and business development.

Bookkeeping packages for Start Ups begin at just $59/mo. Complete registration and licensing packages start at $50 plus the cost of filings. Yes, you can afford professional bookkeeping and management for less than a trip to the salon.

Not sure where to go, what to do, or what you need? Lloyd and Associates offers free 15-min advice consultations for business owners in need.


I wish you the best in 2010!

Tomekia Lloyd
Bookkeeper and Business Manager
Lloyd and Associates, LLC
"Getting you back to what you do best"
(888) 340-4341

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