Hello Ladies, 


I have a burning question. I am currently working on an online womens' magazine and I am searching for a hosting site. However, I am running into a few questions. Is it better to buy a web host or build your own website? Keep in mind this is for my magazine. 


The website designer I am using has told me it's ok to use a site to host it, but I just want some more opinions. Thanks 



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Hi Keneisha,


I personally host all my website through Hostmonster. Hosting is less than $100 for the year and you get one free domain name. Then you can essentially add as many websites as you want to that hosting plan, just $10 for every new domain name. I am big on setting up wordpress blogs. If you wanted to build your magazine on the wordpress platform - its easy to do that with hostmonster. In your HM control panel you will find the simplescripts option, which allows you to install wordpress with one-click install. Just put in the name of the blog and hit install. That's it!


If you have any other specific questions about hostmonster or hosting, let me know.

Hey LaShanda,


Thank you so much for this! I will syrely check it out because I havent come across the site while reseaching. Maybe due to my location? Not sure. I also like the idea of using wordpress. My current blog is with blogger and there are a few limited capacites, whereas wordpress has a an abundance of options.




Also note that if you have more questions about developing your website review all of our top discussions related to 'Web Development' and also those related to 'Blogging'. -lh
Hey Kenisha,

I agree. I host my own site and creating my web mag as we speak through wordpress. I use Hostgater and like LH said, you get unlimited hosting for any domain name you want. Your only additional cost is to purchase the other domain names.

Web Mags require daily updating so you need full access to update and make changes yourself. You can check my site out to see how a wordpress site can look. The web mag hasn't been launched yet, but check back in a month or so and you'll see the link. Hope that helps.

Hey Ms Murphy,


I checked out your site! I love the concept and the name! Thank you for the tips as I continue my research.



i think it depends on how much space you will need for your magazine. what kind of software are you using to create your mag? will it be a pdf mag? a traditional website? also you have to see what kind of down time the hosting site has...meaning, how often do they crash? they should not have any issues with servers crashing, etc... and then there's site back up...if there's a crash do they back up your data? best thing to do is to talk to other ppl with similar business models and finding out what they use. good luck!

Hey Girl,


This is great info, there are a few issues I didnt consider (i.e crashing) Thank you so very much!




I use they are very reasonable.

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A host is simply the provider you pay to house your website.


Our company can build you a website and you can maintain it!  Give me a call

KMS International Enterprises (216) 245-7699

I use BlueHost and they have great service.

You should definitely check out The African American Connection (AAC) , winner of the prestigious Black Web Awards for 2010. It's a totally unique concept.  It's more than just an easy to use/easy to build web site with excellent hosting services and sophisticated technology integration.  It's a one of its kind virtual black shopping mall, located across the virtual parking lot of the largest, general market stores (i.e., Macy's, Best Buy, etc.) which offers customers cashback shopping for going through this gateway.  THIS MEANS AUTO-PILOT TRAFFIC and "osmosis advertising", just like a large shopping mall.  You pay a monthly membership fee of $29.95 which includes free hosting, free payment gateway, wholesaler connections, buddy marketing programs, back office business educational resources, and a host of other benefits.  There are a variety of membership programs available, such as Communities (i.e., churches), support for African American professionals (i.e., commission-based salespeople or brick and mortar businesses), a youth business center, etc.  


We run free bi-weekly informational webinars where you can get a virtual tour.  The next one is this Tuesday, March 8th at 8:00pm EST.  You can register for the next webinar at:  You really should check it out!  E-mail me or send me your contact info if you'd like further info.





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Hostgator has already been mentioned, but I'll repeat so you get a better idea of how widely it's used.  I host all my sites with Hostgator. Service is great and it's just about round the clock.




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