Hello Ladies, 


I have a burning question. I am currently working on an online womens' magazine and I am searching for a hosting site. However, I am running into a few questions. Is it better to buy a web host or build your own website? Keep in mind this is for my magazine. 


The website designer I am using has told me it's ok to use a site to host it, but I just want some more opinions. Thanks 



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After looking at this discussion I decided to call Host Monster because I am paying a lot more for hosting.  I would pay less in 3 years at Hostmaster than I pay for 1 year with the company that  currently hosts my site.  This information saved me about $850.  Thanks sistas.


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Hi there,


I use both Bluehost and Godaddy.  Bluehost is relatively inexpensive--about $7 per month.  You can host as many domain names as you like through them without paying additional hosting charges per site.  They also have one-click Wordpress install.  Most importantly, their customer service is extremely responsive.  GoDaddy works well too, but it's not as easy to use (in my opinion) if you don't have some web design know-how).  They have great customer service too, but I've found the technical support providers to be more knowledgeable on Bluehost.    Good luck!



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Lots of great tips here already. I use hostmonster and 1and1. Something you may want to consider is to use a different host for your site and your domains. That way, if anything goes wrong with the site, you can do a quick redirect with the domain. BTW, I'd love to connect with you all on FB. Friend me or "LIKE" me

Here's the issue, ladies.  Where do you want your website located?  If you build a great web store, but it's alone in the middle of nowhere, only your existing customers will find you.  However, if you situate your business in a first-of-its-kind web-based African American shopping mall and professional services office building which is a landmark magnet for customers, wouldn't you get a lot more business?  Suppose it's also located across the virtual parking lot of 1500 major, general market stores like Walmart and Best Buy who offer customers cash back shopping  discounts for being a part of the African American Connection. More traffic, more traffic, more traffic!  Your store is easily and comfortably furnished and fully functional with easy to use templates so that you can build it quick.  We have a free payment gateway and great social media integration.  Even if you have another website, you'd at least want some advertising in this African American shopping mall where there's hundreds of thousands of customer visitors per year from your target market.   This is definitely something you want to know about.


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I'm all late to the party, but hopefully you've had your hosting situation sorted. I use Suite369 for my domains, hosting and email, just under $60/year. Next to the price and stability, it's important to make sure you're getting all the features you need included.
Just thought I'd share in case you are now thinking beyond hosting. We've got a free webinar coming up that will discuss must have elements if you want your site to sell. Feel free to join us. And if you know someone who could benefit, pass the word. 
Has anyone heard of merchant mommas? it is an e-commerce webhosting site, just wanted to know your thoughts on it

Hi Keneisha,


I was recommended to use GoDaddy for purchasing your domains, and Hostgator for hosting.  With Hostgator is very inexpensive (starting as low as $3.96 per/mo.) and it does have WordPress installation with the lastest plugins.



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