Looking for great ways to advertise or ways to get my business out there??

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Happy Easter to everyone,

I advertise on Facebook, Twitter, flyers, postal cards, on my truck window and word of mouth. I have not done any advertisement in the classified. If you know of another way, could let me know.

Fabulousjc Joanne Clarke
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
I would advertise in craigslist, ebay classifieds.  I do mary kay as well!
I'm using facebook for now word of mouth and I just created business cards. I will be attending events as well selling this coffee product I'm marketing by Organo Gold. Check out my site at If your in the NYC area I will be giving out free samples at various networking functions, you can contact me at Thank you and God Bless!
Facebook and through referral marketing.
I offer $10 advertising packages on my websites. Please email me at
As you can see Shalonda, social networking is one of the best ways to advertise. Twitter, facebook, ning networks like BBWO or TheCEOmammaNetwork are great places. If you're going to spend money on advertising or memeberships then a greet social network where you can advertise your business and build clientel is Can advertise all you'd like, invite your friends to join you, and get paid in the process. Check it out here or contact me for more info.


As you can see Shalanda,

Most of us use the various social medias and online site to do a large portion of our marketing. Of course this will become even more of the "norm" as business savvy owners become more familiar with the CORRECT way to use these venues to maximize their marketing efforts. It's really not WHAT you use to market your business, however HOW you use these tools, that count most!


I always get a ton of students in my classes who ask the same question, so your question isn't new, however what I tell my students is you have to understand how each type should be used (no two social networks are alike) and how to best use them to serve YOUR individual needs! So here are a couple of tidbits that I hope you and the rest of the ladies here can use....

1. Don't over-complicate your marketing strategy; however it's CRITICAL that you have one. Start off with a basic outline and tweak, add, delete items as you move forward. Having someone create one for you is not nearly as important as you understanding the importance of a marketing strategy and having something in place.


2. For sites such as NING social networks, Facebook, and groups make sure that you strategically join groups where you can not only find your TARGET market, but also are able to provide information to the members that they may view as being a value TO THEM! Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT just arbitrarily join as many groups as you can….MANY do not always MAXIMIZE MONEY!


3. LinkedIn is NOT a social network, however a PROFESSIONAL network and the marketing strategy using it should be designed differently than the above sites. Not that it's any more important (I actually get a lot more customers off of social sites than LinkedIn, but it does serve a purpose for me). Make certain that you set yourself apart from others, show your EXPERTISE and answer inquiries promptly.


4. EVERY business owner should do IN PERSON networking! Ok EVEN those of you who have online businesses...YES in person networking events are MANADTORY for all!!! It's choosing the RIGHT type of networking event for you that is important. Again, similar to the groups, you should choose one that will attract your customer base as well as allow you to "give" back. Also, if you go to an ordinary mixer, please know how to "work the room" there is an art to that. Sorry too much to write here, but if you send me an email I will break it down for you!


5. All of the contacts you make, know how to separate your list servs into several categories. No one should have just one master list. This is important for your mailings and announcements.


I hope these tidbits helped. Have more questions, email me at


* I have a class that I run in the Raleigh, NC area if you are local, please register for details on Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget.


** I am also trying to gage the interest for a webinar. If you would be interested in attending a webinar on this, please send me an email at TRAINING@EMPOWERME2DAY.COM. And let me know!


Thanks for reading ladies! And remember…prosperity is your birthright!

I advertise via:

  1. Pinterest (
  2. Twitter (
  3. Facebook
  5. eBay - kyrascloset1

I use all the leading social networks already mentioned (i.e./ Facebook, Twitter) and also through groups that I manager and where I've had the most success attracting new clients. Check the various groups to help determine which ones have the types of clients that you'd like and then inquire with individual group organizers about sponsorship opportunities including direct links to your website. Visit my page: We offer sponsorships for as little as $150 for three months of access and we support the effort further by sending E-mail blasts to my membership pertaining to new sponsors and mentioning them at select events.


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