Women are starting businesses more than ever and women seem to attend a lot of networking meetings.  However, I wonder if women really know what it means to network and how powerful it can be?

I say this because many business women share with me that they often don't get return calls when trying to connect with the women they met at networking events and when they do, it's all about buy their product or join their company.  Now, there's nothing wrong with sharing information about your products or services, but a relationship should be established first.  Don't you think?

Networking shouldn't be just about getting business cards and looking for the sale right away.  It should be about helping one another, creating win-win relationships and asking yourself the question, "How can I contribute my expertise".  Not only does this help in building credibility, but it also shows your sincerity to participate and give as well as take.


So, I ask the question: What Does Business Networking Mean to You?


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It took me some time to really understand the business mindset. I think I'm beginning  to really get this networking down to a science.  I did a lot of promoting or having other people promote my products for me last year, and Boy to my surprise I did not get not a one sell. The only thing I got was ignored.  I had to rethink my business and selling strategies.  So here it is almost a year later and I'm getting to know my fans, customers, and they are starting to take notice of me and what i have to say.  I love being able to socialize with them and here them ask me questions.  But, what I'm still struggling with is when do i promote my products to them; in the newsletter for the ones that have subscribed to me or when.

Experience A Power Group Meeting with Just 5 People!

I have been so encouraged by the many replies to the topic of networking.  I was recently invited to participate in a private "power group" networking event with 4 other women (non-competitive) in a roundtable fashion.

The exchange of help, resources and support was incredible.  We each left with exchanging 5 things that we could help each other with in two weeks time and then we'll convene for an accountability session.  So, I would like to share how you can get your own power group going:

1. Identify 4 other women that are non-competitive and compliment your business

2. Call each one and ask them if they would be willing to be in a private "power networking group" for a period of 30 days.

3. Your group can meet via teleconference or in person

4. During your meeting, as the facilitator you would explain the rules of the group (see rules below)



  1. Each Power Group meets for a period of 30 days. The first meeting is an acquaintance meeting and establishing the rules.  The second meeting each member will be asked to make a list of 5 simple things that they can do to help each other with the next two weeks.
  2. At the end of each 30 days the group can agree to reset another 30 days and help each other with another set of 5 things.
  3. Each member agrees to hold information in confidence
  4. Each member agrees to stay committed and show up on time for each appointed meeting
  5. All 5 things must be completed in two weeks time.  It could be joining a FB or Twitter page, introducing 2 associates to products or services, participating in a brainstorming session to help with business, purchasing a product or service etc.
  6. The last two weeks are also used to discuss the personal develop topic of the groups choice.
  7. Group members agree to email each other and encourage one another at least twice weekly

Please let me know if you have questions,  I'll be happy to answer.  This is a power way to network when everyone is committed!


Trina Newby

Business Success Coach

Founder, Women About Biz


MyBBWO Page:  (Connect With Me!)





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