What is happening to our Black Wholesale Products and Companies??   Do any of you remember the company Our Own Image?? That is when I first got involved in the retail business. It was a company owned by  a African American family. The products were gorgeous and  high quality. What happened to most of our wholesale businesses that carried black products. I am sure most of them parished because of  the economy.Anne Lee retired-who has the torch now??

I am an on line retailer and I have noticed it is becoming more difficult finding products that are for people of color. For example two  of my white suppliers have discontinued  MOST of the african american products. Such as Tote Bags,Throws, Figurines. 

What do you think it is!!!  What do you think we can do about it . I just had a inquiry about some african american puzzles that used to be available by one of my suppliers but they have been discontinued, also a Delta and AKA throw I was looking for from another supplier--also discontinued. Is it STILL the economy?

This is just an observation,has any one else noticed that???  Just Wondering

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