I am starting my own event business. I do weddings, baby showers, social events, family events

Kids parties, an all celebrations!

-Invitations             -Event Décor        -Centerpieces      -Favors/Gifts

-Card/ Memory Boxes        -Thank you cards.

What is the best way to get cliental?

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1. Start with people that you know that know how well you do events. Plan one for them free or 1/2 cost so that they can get the word out about you and your business.

2. Pick up this book by Evelyn Jackson I tell anyone in this current economy to purchase this book on marketing....

3. Try to do business expos and vendor events...

Thank you, I did a free baby shower and everyone loved it! I will try to pick the book up soon. So you know if justing flyers will help me also?
It's extremely important you build relationships first. People want to do business with those they like, respect and trust can do the job. Learn the industry inside/out meaning if you're not already get certified, get involved in networking groups as well as event industry groups meeting other event professionals to use for future events.
A few you can look into are Association for Bridal Consultants, Association for Wedding Professionals International, Biz Bash, ISES just to name a few. Not sure where you're located, but there's a professional event you should look into: Alan Berg at Wedding Industry Leaders Conference in Newport Beach~ However there are also other locations.
Final recommendation build a portfolio of quality work/references to show to potential clients.
Much Success
Kimberly Clark
Weddings & Lifestyle Producer
Thank you so much. I am in Roanoke VA there is not alot aound here. I have been working on my portfiloio. I will start checking in to the places you gave me.
Also with getting certified is getting that online ok?


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