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I am sure about wanting to work a business instead of the 9 to 5. I just worry about getting bored at home. I was blessed enough to work for a company that paid for my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Here is the catch; I have not had many good experiences there. I have had some of the worst bosses. I currently have a boss that favored a co-worker and it took that person to transfer for us to have a decent relationship. She failed to mention my accomplishments on my last evaluation (degree and outstanding customer service award), for which now she is trying to make up. I have a degree and she does not. She will not admit that she actually learned something from me. I have worked with some deadbeats. To make a long story short, I have decided to take my education and use it where it will be valued and that is to work for myself. I think this network of strong women, not particularly black is great! It is hard going to work feeling as if you are alone because nobody is on your page.

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I have a strong belief that our work on earth is not measured by awards, raises, or recognition by other humans, but by God. The level of rungs and raises does not equate to self worth and will never compensate for the work that one does. When an employee leaves this earth, the company they worked for might send flowers and card.

Focus on you at your job. If somebody else is moving up, don't think, I have a degree and she doesn't. Ask her how she did it. If in a few sentences here you appear frustrated and scorned, then that will show in your body language, attitude, and work as well.

I felt as if there was no growth in the company. My supervisor gave me rave reviews and raises, but I was kept in the same position. Given higher levels/titles, but I was still doing the same work. I took several classes offered by the job and did well too. The company grew and we went from working rare weekends to 24/7 with less people. I took a Sisterlock class and launched my hair accessories and soon after I quit my job.

I was not making enough money to quit, lol. I had saved up for some time to support myself for a year. I stayed out of work because I could see the economy dropping and I took a job that I like. It's a 5pm-5am 12 hour night shift M-Th, yes 48 hours each week. The overtime is lovely. It equals out to 48 regular hours each month. I see my supervisor about twice a month. I can bring my laptop and work will at work.

If I could support my lifestyle on just my little businesses, I would stay at home. Staying at home does not mean you're shut in. I did many things while I was off. I was able to attend many functions that groups were having. I focused on a few hobbies, picked up more from other people I met. I have no children and no cable and I had something to do. Even when I had nothing to do, I went for a walk and thought. By the time I got back home, I thought of some things to do.

I wish you continued success and happiness,
Thanks Carmen for your response. I was venting on this post, but I have grown since. Yes, I was a bit irritated by some of the things my supervisor has done (not recognizing my degree on my evaluation etc...) I know that my true worth is not measured by this particular job or anybody on it for that matter. I have obtained two degrees while working and guess what my boss is no asking me about school. Go Figure!

Sister , I know the feeling , I worked on jobs where the bosses would down talk me , like I was some slave or something, there were days I would make myself sick to not go into work, I took off days I didn't care about losing my jobs I enjoyed my jobs I did but I was not being respected by my boss they would have me and others work like if we had no life , so I now said enough I not gonna stand for this no more I will start a business I love doing and hire people to work for me and treat them like loyalty we will dine out , one word they all will have freedom.


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