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I am looking for blogs by BBWO members on any topic to feature in an upcoming issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine ( If you have a GREAT blog to share, leave a comment to this post, with your website details and description. And click here or the image above to browse the latest issue of the SistaSense In Print Magazine.


The latest issue, entitled "What's Working Now: Blogs, Brands, and Better Business" also includes a sneak peak of the soon to be released 2012 Edition of our "Black Women Online" eGuide. To download the free sneak peak of this guide and/or find out how to submit your website for inclusion go to The BWO Guide will be available as a digital download and also in print format.


For those looking for additional exposure, you can also submit your website to our Search Urban Directory.

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I'm interested in having my blog featured in you magazine. Below are the details:


Apple Daniels: Maven On a Mission




"…Because no mom should have to chose between her children and work…

Maven On a Mission (M.O.M) as an organization is first and foremost about empowering entrepreneurship in moms  and providing resources for moms to succeed in business via proper branding techniques, internet marketing, blogging, traffic, lead generation, and social media. It’s not about returning us as women to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but about liberating us from Corporate America and the glass ceiling that comes with it as well as giving moms the opportunity to not miss those important moments in life

This is not your typical “mom blog.”  Here we’re all about a new way of doing things. Maven On a Mission is every mom and she’s a new breed who’s stylish, sophisticated, sexy, and refuses to conform to stereo-typical standards of motherhood realizing that being a mother doesn’t mean she has to lose who she is as an individual. So here’s the breakdown:

Awesome Products: Top picks for everything from makeup, hair, baby stuff, etc… M.O.M recommendations

The B School: Here you’ll find everything that relates to business. The how to’s and how do’s of internet & social media marketing, blogging, branding, traffic and more.

Food Porn: If you’re a foodie you’re going to love this section. Recipes, the best restaurants, cooking tips… it’s all here (with pics).

Guilty Pleasures: A personal favorite. This is the place where you’ll find juicy deets and weekly updates about what’s happening in the world of pop culture.

Newsworthy: What’s going on around the globe – recalls, and new laws that affect your kids mix with a little odd news.

Sexy After Kids: A new brand under the M.O.M umbrella that promotes not only external beauty, but also takes care of your internal side.

The MOM Cave: Our Editorial Section where we tell it like it is and say what we really feel."


We're currently seeking mom bloggers and business women to contribute as guest authors in all categories. An application can  be found on the site. 


Look forward to hearing from you =)




All I can say is WOW! I've absolutely gotta check out your blog. Thanks for sharing, Apple.

~Donna aka @WWAHHMpreneur

TheCEOMamma Business Marketing Blog is designed to help new and seasoned women entrepreneurs and women in business, learn effective marketing strategies to build, brand and market a profitable business online.

My blog, "My Heart Speaks..." is inspired by Luke 6:43-45 which speaks about the type of fruit we bear from what we've stored in our hearts that overflows.  So I share the things in my heart in order to release it so that my fruit may be good.  I also share for the benefit of others; often times we keep things inside in fear of what people will think about us and doing so does not help with the overflow of our hearts.  If we keep negative things bottled up, then that's what the overflow of our hearts will speak through our hearts.  I'm working on letting the overflow of my heart always be good.


The Blog is about business development.  We focus on the aspect of enlightening, enhancing, empowering, and enriching the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs.  Our main target is business owners that seek to be a part of the social media revolution. We encourage constant vigilance over your brand and awareness of new technology.


It's nice to meet you, Chisa. Definitely planning to check out your blog.

I love your profile pic. Where'd you have it taken?



My blog is For Colored Gurls, a personal development blog that inspires and empowers women to live their most fabulous lives. We help women do this with motivational articles and quotes, interviews with women from all walks of life, posts on topics that affect every area of women's lives and much more.

Yes, I would love to have my blog featured in the Sista Sense Magazine!

My blog is Jem of the South, the place where you "Discover Something Sweet!"

I discuss dessert tips, dessert trends and feature up and coming dessert businesses. I also host a blog talk radio show where I interview dessert business owners. 

Here is my website:

Thank you!


I would love to have my blog featured.


Details: Tallook specializes in everything tall. Founded in 2010, it is an inside scoop into fashion, products and news that effect the tall community. Started by 6’1’ creator Nache Snow, it aims to bring helpful information to a group that is often neglected. It delivers information using a combination of articles, photojournalism, surveys and helpful list. It is impossible and time consuming to sift through thousands of Web sites, blogs, and publications in search of the perfect product. Tallook attempts to simplify your shopping experience by providing one portal for all of your tall needs. Think of it as your tall lookbook and information source.


I would love to see my blog, Sew Much Talent, featured. There's a whole world of crafters and sewist in bloggersville, with such great gifts and talents. I have created this platform for us to come together to share our talents and abilities with each other, whether beginners or professionals.





My blog is called “The Elusive Butterfly”. It’s my blog where I examine; question and light heartily talk about my experiences as I go through life as a spiritual being having a human experience. Most importantly my life experiences in New York City chasing my little Elusive butterfly. My little fluttery friend has many faces such as love, career, finances, joyful experiences (by joyful experiences, I mean the equivalent of being Charlie and finding the golden wrapper to allow entrance into Wonka’s factory) and the occasional look behind the mighty wizard’s curtain kind of revelations.


My name is Candice Loper and I am interested in having my blog A Piece of Candy featured in the "Black Women Online" eGuide. The blog can be found at I welcome all of the other women who responded to check it out as well. I will show my support as well.

As far as the blog...what can I was inspired by LIFE! My that has been filled with many experiences but double the lessons. Hopefully I can share my lessons and prevent one less teen pregnancy, maybe one more woman will be super confident in ALL that she does, and quite possibly there maybe someone out there who is sharing the same experience as I once have and needs a different perspective on how to handle it. Who knows...but if I say nothing that's a sure way for nothing to happen.

Once again, my blog address is I'm excited to see and browse all of the featured blogs!


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