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I am looking for blogs by BBWO members on any topic to feature in an upcoming issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine ( If you have a GREAT blog to share, leave a comment to this post, with your website details and description. And click here or the image above to browse the latest issue of the SistaSense In Print Magazine.


The latest issue, entitled "What's Working Now: Blogs, Brands, and Better Business" also includes a sneak peak of the soon to be released 2012 Edition of our "Black Women Online" eGuide. To download the free sneak peak of this guide and/or find out how to submit your website for inclusion go to The BWO Guide will be available as a digital download and also in print format.


For those looking for additional exposure, you can also submit your website to our Search Urban Directory.

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I would like to submitting my blog for consideration to be featured in the upcoming issue of SistaSense in print magazine.

My blogsite is   Budgetwise Financial Solutions is a financial education and consultancy firm where we teach people to manage money wisely through individual consultations, workshops and seminars.  We specialize in personal money management. 

My blog is my POV on money matters, current events, and books. The purpose of the blogsite is to engage, educate and empower.  I am currently making some enhancements to include video and a few other features.  It should be completed by the end of November.

3 recent posts are:


Thank you for your consideration.

Warm Regards,

Samirian Hill, The MoneyWise Teacher

Hi Lashanda,

I would love to add the Purse of Your Own Blog to the site.


Deborah Owens

Hi there.

I created my blog as a means of providing a wide range of information, primarily for employees. I feel that, with times being as tough as they are, everybody needs a place to go to get the information they need to help in their careers, job hunt, and even to learn how to deal with difficult co-workers, to name a few. My blog also helps to inspire, motivate, and encourage the general public.


Thanks for the opportunity!


Erica Davis, President

Diamond Hospitality Services, Inc.



My name is Deborah Burnett and my blog is Mane Textures. Since I am a licensed Cosmetologist and am currently working in the field and have been for about a decade, I decided to share some of my knowledge  to help those of African decent and other ethnicity's take proper care of their hair. I'm currently transitioning to natural hair and sharing my experience and those of my clients as well.My website is

My blog is Entrepreneur Resources:


About the Blog: Entrepreneur Resources is a small business blog dedicated to establishing entrepreneurship as a viable career option.  It was created in December 2005 after noticing a gap in relevant online information for the small business owner, particularly those business owners making $250K or less per year.  In addition, in my circle of friends, owning a business was not popular. We were taught to go to college, maybe go to graduate school, and then get a “good job.” If you did not have a “9 to 5,” then you were not deemed a success. I set out to change this mindset on my offering blog chock full of resources to make small business owners successful.  In between the articles on marketing, finance, technology and product resource reviews, I also profile successful entrepreneurs.  This gives these small business owners another outlet to promote their ventures, and I show my growing base of readers that being a full-time small business owner is possible.



 I'm looking forward to connecting with you ladies on your blogs. You are doing some great things.

My blog has online marketing tips so you can keep learning about social media marketing, ways to get more buzz for your business and ways to get more comments on your blog.

I also post articles with offers for how you can hire me to do your social media marketing for you so you can focus on other important aspects of your business that you are more passionate about.


This video is from one of my most recent posts:


Come check out my business blog at and subscribe if you like it.

~Donna Marie Johnson, Social Marketing VA



Actually there is 2 parts to us one is connecting women to green service and businesses that  they can incorporate seamlessly into your daily lives for easy  and affordable green living

a. There are many options available but they are usually spread all over. So every eco-friendly company  can have a complimentary listing in the directory so you can easily find green options right in your own back yard

b. You will find many articles on the site on greener option along with some great information on getting the most for your money.

Second part  of we are currently creating a professional group of women own or women-led green companies. This will allow the ability to:

a. create more local community involvement

b. promote green practices though networking with other women groups and assisting local companies in how to green their work environment

c. Members will have access to discounted marketing and other business tools to aid in growth and success.

 Ladies Join Us!



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