What's Your Business? (Be Featured on the 2012 BBWO 50 Women Entrepreneurs List)

SistaSense In Print Special Edition Magazine - BBWO 50 Fabulous Women EntrepreneursFor the past two years I have annually showcased the BBWO50 highlighting some of the wonderful women entrepreneurs of color on our ever growing network. (View 2011 list here).

I normally personally go through all the members and go through a review / selection process and wanted to do something a little different this year. While its easy to spotlight our top members, sometimes other amazing entrepreneurs get lost in the mix so for 2012 I have decided to add an additional means of reviewing members.


If you would like to submit your business for review please do the following: Using the comment box below post your business name, url, and a 2-3 sentence description.


That's it!And be sure to let you fellow BBWO Friends come here and submit their business for review!

BBWO Founder,
LaShanda Henry

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Sidra Bell (Choreographer.Director)

Name of Company: Sidra Bell Dance New York


Biography: Sidra Bell, Artistic Director of Sidra Bell Dance New York, is currently a Master Lecturer at University of the Arts (Philadelphia), was an Adjunct Professor at Barnard College (Columbia University), and has a degree in History from Yale University and an MFA in Choreography from Purchase College Conservatory of Dance.  She has been awarded 1st Place Award for Choreography by the 15th Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival in Stuttgart, Germany (2011). Her critically acclaimed company and work has been seen throughout the United States and internationally at premiere venues in Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, Canada, Aruba, Korea, and Greece.  She is a sought after master teacher and has taught her unique approach to movement, improvisation, and technique at major institutions for dance and theater throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States.


I simply love what I do as a Up and Coming Jewelry Designer on the Rise!  It was a gift from God that was practically dropped in my lap.  Currently my line in commissioned in 3 stores.  I travel and do fest and all events.  My plan is to have my own store one day.


Dorrie Thomas Brown (CEO-Specialty Candles)

Name of Company: Scentsations By Dee, Inc.

My company specialize in custom candles which was est. in Philaddelphia, PA. We cater to Weddings, Showers,Housewarming, for any ocassion, at a great cost. Also do candle parties. 

Chantay Bridges

Los Angeles Real Estate Now!

twitter: larealestatenow

facebook: Los Angeles Real Estate Now

linked in: Chantay Bridges


Chantay Bridges is a seasoned professional who utilizes her gifts and abilities to outreach in her community.  A top Realtor, media contributor, motivational speaker, philanthropist and savvy entrepreneur.  She has worked with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Will Smith, Jennifer Hudson and many, many, others.


Chantay Bridges has been featured in Black Enterprise, Forbes, Huffington Post, CNBC, Essence, Readers Digest, Ebony, USA name a few.  She sets and elevates the bar in every arena of life, fostering gateways for those who will follow behind her.  A true woman of God, about the Fathers business.





The Le Specialty

The Le Specialty welcomes you to a happy fun palace where your shopping dreams come true while offering you Men and Women Desirables, Perfume and Cologne, Men & Womens Jewelry, Miniature Car Collectables, Electronics, Pet Outfits, a chance to advertise, and Silk Flower Landscapping. Visit Soon.  Click on Welcome and go on the Personal Tour.


      Name of Company< REppn 9ja Social Network  & Reppn 9ja t/shirt Collections and MOre  Online Store>URL>,, This Network's For The Beautiful Cultures Of West Africa Nigeria, I love so Much SHowing the world the beauty in 9ja, enough of the bad guys, T/shirts company on the NEtwork for #TEAM AFRICA, #africanAmerican, to the #Proudly African, for the entire famiyl from infants to adults, 1LOVE, PROUD &LOUD #BBWO,               

Lioness Magazine


Lioness Magazine is the first online magazine of its kind geared toward female entrepreneurs. We deliver sharp and compelling information on a variety of topics that are relevant to female entrepreneurs and professionals. Our mission is to elevate, educate and support female professionals. We aspire to inspire women in to unleash the Lioness within.

Diane Griffin is the founder and President of Security First and Associates.

 Ms., Griffin, is a known author, trainer, speaker, Facility Security Officer, Contractor Special Security Officer, contract background investigator, and security consultant. She is recognized as an expert in the fields of security management, risk management, physical security, investigations, and facility safety. Ms. Griffin consults with business owners and managers on how to reduce risk, and Ms. Griffin, is very committed to educating everyone on the dangers associated with teenagers texting while driving, and with the recent news highlighting tales of cyber bullying, ALL parents should be educated how to protect your teenagers, when they are on social media sites. 

 Let’s Protect OUR teen!

Contact: diane at

Hi LaShanda,

Thanks for the opportunty. My Business is 9javatar Fashion & Beauty and my moto is that looking good shouldn't cost the earth!. I offer Quality Fashion at Competitve Prices!

I just Love Buying and Selling and I share what I've learnt on my journey with people who are interested!


Valerie Patton

Silk Body Creme

My name is Valerie Patton.  I would like to submit my product that I created "Silk Body Creme."  I created Silk   in 2006 because I had a need of relief from dry skin.  So after some trail & error I created Silk.  Silk isn't a lotion it’s a creme therefore it stays on your skin & keeps you smelling fragrant longer than a lotion. Silk is all natural & leaves your skin feeling soft, silky& smooth while moisturizing & condition your body.  Silk is a great accessory for any wardrobe.  Wrap yourself in Silk!

Hi LaShanda,


My name is Kelly Laws and my business name is called, "Beauty and Fashion Connection."  We Connect You To The Beauty and Fashion Industry!


My website is


My business connects women to beauty and fashion through workshops, expos, internships with beauty and fashion professionals, fashion and trunks shows and we also allow high school girls to intern with our company for the beauty and fashion experience.  There is much more on my website about the business because I could go on and on.  Thank you for the selection process and be blessed.


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The Team at Security First & Associates



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