Thank you all SO much for sharing your words of encouragement with our fellow member who was in need of motivation. I thought we could continue to share the love by sharing our blogs today! Post a link to your blog with a quick description of what your blog is all about. Leave a comment below. (If you are reading this from your email in box, click here.)

I will start first ... My blog... the official BBWO Blog is a money and marketing blog for newbie entrepreneurs. I've got a few other blogs and you can find them all on

Did you know that when you blog on BBWO the BEST posts get featured on our Facebook Fan page which currently has over 4,000 fans!

I'm looking forward to reading about your blogs and subscribing to a few as well. Feel free to also browse the BEST black blogs online via the Search Urban Directory.

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Let's start sharing some link love ladies!

LaShanda Henry | BBWO Founder | @sistasense

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Hello ladies! It was great that this was sent out for all of us to share our info! I look forward to checking out and subscribing to many of your blogs! It is more inspiring than you know to see so many talented sisters becoming strong, independent business women and bloggers!

My blog is for my website Moms in the City. I created Moms in the City as a resource and networking website for mothers who live in a major city in the US. My website is intended to breathe a new life into a mothers social life by keeping her up to date on deals and info going on in the city as well as having the chance to meet other moms. I intend on having a Moms in the City guide for many cities by the end of the year!

Please check out, read, subscribe or spread the word about Moms in the City!! - Members Network
and our blog is here.
Dear LaShanda,

Hi, this is Denice Haamid. I just signed up with for my Blog Website account.

My blog link is: This blog will contain information about diamonds, shopping for diamonds, and news about the diamond industry.

Thank you so much for telling us about blogging for beginners. I've done some blogging on my website, but, I still consider myself a beginner. So, I appreciate the beginners' eCourses and videos on blogging and how to make a living with it.

All the Best,

Greetings, BBWO!

My blog,, is my freelance writing blog where I cover topics such as writing, blogging, marketing and personal development. Please feel free to drop by and sign up for my email updates.

Now I'm going to check out all of these fabulous blogs. . .


Evelyn ;-)
I've just seen this thread, so I need to keep coming back to it.

Loving Napptural Beauties. I'm going to blog about this.

Both of my blogs focus on personal development, motivation, healing and success for people of African heritage.

Ancestral Energies is more about history, business and current events.

Ancestral Healing focuses more on healing.

I am looking for guest bloggers for Ancestral Energies, so please add me as a friend and contact me if you're interested.

Thanks so much for starting this blog, LaShanda. It's great to find out about other sistas' blogs.
Great blog, Evelyn. Want to guest blog for me? Please add me as a friend.



Now off to work!! Have a great successful day..
This is a shoe lounge for women that love urban, contemporary, stylish, fashionable, breathtaking shoes. Our goal here is to become the place you come for the latest in shoe fashions for women . We will develop a reputation for offering all the women shoe lovers up-to-date information on styles and what’s going on in the women shoe industry. Sit back, relax, shop, and enjoy your Shoe Fetish journey..

Visit -
Hello - I am Alease Michelle. I am an Mixed Media Collage Artist & Instructor. Currently I have two blogs.
is about marketing tips for emerging artist who are seeking to be successful in doing all things creative in thier lives. My second blog is on this blog I discuss my life as an emerging artist. I offer monthly art giveaways and special offers on art sales.

Please check me out if you are interested.
I am loving seeing all these beautiful blogs!! My name is Farrah and I am a homeschooler. I have been homeschooling my 5 kiddos for 4 years now, but just started my blog. It can be found at:


I am the co-founder of

Empress Magazine is a fast growing, grass roots inspired, on-line lifestyle magazine for the young dynamic woman of today. We cover a wide range of topics from relationships to finances and self improvement to fashion.

Empress is not only a magazine but a movement based on a concept that empowers and improves everyday life.

We are always looking for blogs to feature and exchange links with and love the platform of BBWO!

My blog is all about sharing tips, resources and information on natural skin care for women with issues! skin care issues that is. I recently moved it from blogspot so it's not as meaty as it will be in the future.

Hello Ladies. I can't wait to sit down and visit everyone blogs.

I am in the process of revamping my blog. I talk about everything from graphic design, things that inspire me or I think that is creative, marketing, entrepreneurship, and or course blogging.

iDesign, iCreate. Learn about things iLove as iBlog. -


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