I have always strongly identified myself as three things: a black person, a woman, and a gemini. Each of these categories has shaped my development as a business person, but I think much of my entrepreneurial success can be attributed to my astrological sign. Though most of us only read our horoscope for entertainment value, I think that many of us could benefit from a thorough astrological character assessment.

By taking the time to better understand your astrological sign, you can learn a lot about your strengths, weakness, and natural talents, which in turn will help you develop your skills as a business person.
From a personal perspective I look at it this way, though most people think of gemini's as simply the sign of two sides, there is so much more that I have learned about myself through my sign. With a stronger sense of who I was astrologically speaking, I was able to turn a childhood love of writing and art into a career of self-publishing and graphics design.

It's in my best interest to take advantage of Gemini strengths, like being very sociable, creative, good with my hands. Knowing these strengths gives you a sense of the activities you are naturally good at, as well as help you assess if your choice of business is something that is right for you. Once I understood that my creative skills exceeded my skills as I sales person, I took the time to learn more about marketing and promotion.

Knowing your weakness is equally important because you can effectively assess those aspects of your business that you need to work on. I've found that Aquarius' are very charismatic sales people, and Virgos are excellent at finding jobs and maintaining a steady influx of money. It just so happens that most of my friends are Aquarius', Virgos, and fellow Geminis as we tend to compliment each others skills sets and share information from simultaneously similar/different points of view.

If you would like to further explore your astrology sign and the secrets of your success here are a few books and websites that I recommend:

- Astrology Uncut: Find out which Famous Black Celebrities Share Your...
- African American Astrology
- AstrologyZone: Read Your Monthly Astrology Forecast

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Great info lady;

I to am a Twin and I absolutely agree....we're very creative, socialble and sales is definately my fort'e, look forward to sharing many gemini stories.................


Royal T


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