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You may or may not know this but Black Girl Click is BBWO's official Ad Network. With almost 10,000 members on BBWO, I've been racking my brain trying to discover new ways to feature your GREAT sites and then it hit me.... let's do a Daily Click!

Everyday, BBWO will feature one of your wonderful websites in our BBWO BLOG, Twitter Profile, and Facebook Page.

Rather than search and search and search through your member profiles, I decided to give you a little work (big smile). Just submit your link below and we'll see what happens. Only the best websites will get featured. Good luck!

LaShanda Henry
Creator of AND

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I'm a Beachbody Coach and I have my own website promoting their great products. I was a customer before I became a coach. I am very much into fitness, since I lost 70 pounds over 7 years ago and work hard to keep it off. All their products offer 30 day money back guarantee. I will like to share the opportunity of purchasing great fitness products such P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity and others as well as the great meal replacement- Shakeology. You also have the opportunity to become a coach yourself and save on your purchases (25%).
Wow! So many great sites!
I have two - for moms who want to get their kids into the entertainment industry and - how to live like a diva on a budget.
I look forward to checking out everyone's website.
Take care!
Thank you Lashanda. Rigjt now I have a blog at iamsocialbutterfly.

I have 3 facebook fan pages:
1. Social Butterfly Where I share business info as well as videos, links, and post about self, family, and community
2. Free Spirit Accessories is where I post photos and have a store (not opened yet) for my handmade jewelry and other accessories
3. SB Tweeters is a new group I found for my lady friends and their friends so that we can support each other on twitter. I just learned that we can make money on tweeter by people clicking the ads from our sponsored tweets.

I am not sure if we were to put all that info, if not, Sorry.

I just got my website and I forgot to mention: I am a travel consultant with World Ventures and my site address is
My website url is I promote positivity by providing positive information to others. I also interview people who are on a positive journey, and I share the conversation with others on the website.

Thank you for your considerataion.

Glenda Staten
My website is Website building tutorial.
Hello to all of my beautiful black business women online-
This is Clarissa Hampton Turner and I am proud to say that I recently released my first collection of poetry!
I am so excited and I know that this book will be a blessing to many.
I need your support, so please check-out my book and purchase a copy at:
Thank you all and be blessed-
Hello, my website is The Broken Brown Egg. We are a non-profit organization focused on advocating reproductive health and infertility awareness in the black community.
The goals and mission of the organization are as follows:

 To provide awareness and advocacy for infertility and reproductive health, with a focus on African-American and minority concerns.
 To provide financial and emotional support for members of the infertility, adoption, and foster-care communities.
 To seek and create opportunities for partnership and work with similar organizations for the better fulfillment of these goals.
SoulSeed Tees is a T-shirt company exclusively created to promote empowerment, unity & self love for the Black Woman. I would be most grateful to have my website featured.
My website is
View our great galleries, pricing, and sign up for our newsletter! Thanks for checking us out, the support is greatly appreciated!

Lydia K. Boudouin
LKB Photography
I am supplying my link
Gershonah Cynthia Whitley


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