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You may or may not know this but Black Girl Click is BBWO's official Ad Network. With almost 10,000 members on BBWO, I've been racking my brain trying to discover new ways to feature your GREAT sites and then it hit me.... let's do a Daily Click!

Everyday, BBWO will feature one of your wonderful websites in our BBWO BLOG, Twitter Profile, and Facebook Page.

Rather than search and search and search through your member profiles, I decided to give you a little work (big smile). Just submit your link below and we'll see what happens. Only the best websites will get featured. Good luck!

LaShanda Henry
Creator of AND

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LaShanda, I know I just joined but somewhere down the road I would love to be featured. My website address is

Thank you!
Hi LaShanda!

My blog is very young, but I think so far, so good.

Thank you!
My website is!

Kandace Wilson
Please check out my website!

My website is Currently, we specialize in Virgin Indian Hair Imported directly from Chennai, India, and soon a makeup and beauty accessory line.

Facebook Fan Page: Hair/Makeup
My website is it is a great listing site for fashionable people to buy and sell gently used, new or crafted is free to post all summer and registration is free as well.



I think this is a good idea. This will also let me know what I need to improve on my site. Please critic my site so that it can be featured on of these days. My site is
My website is For brides who crave culture and style.


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