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You may or may not know this but Black Girl Click is BBWO's official Ad Network. With almost 10,000 members on BBWO, I've been racking my brain trying to discover new ways to feature your GREAT sites and then it hit me.... let's do a Daily Click!

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Rather than search and search and search through your member profiles, I decided to give you a little work (big smile). Just submit your link below and we'll see what happens. Only the best websites will get featured. Good luck!

LaShanda Henry
Creator of AND

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H! I am new to BBWO. My website Thank you for your consideration.

Lina Williams
Sexy Lifestyle Advisor

My website is :
reDEFINE yourself... Turning a negative into a positive...
I am pleased to announce my company's website! distributes Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Tropic Isle Living. In addition to 4oz and 8 oz bottles of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, we also have an extensive line of hair and skin care products!

Thank you for your consideration,

Oils From Jamaica
Pants Need Not Apply!!

BE FASHION - A feminine-inspired online clothing boutique with one only rule- no pants allowed.

New York, NY - September, 3, 2009 – BE FASHION is a women's online clothing boutique that launched in the spring of 2009. After being directly affected by the turbulent economy and having to explore alternative methods to make a living, Barbara Codner, CEO/Founder of BE FASHION, combined her love of clothing and lady-like approach to create an online boutique that encourages women to dress impeccably, purposely choosing not to sell pants on her site. Ms. Codner explained, "I want to take fashion back to a time when women dressed like ladies."

BE FASHION was completely self-financed by Barbara; she did not seek help from lenders or investors. Despite having her MBA, Barbara was having a difficult time finding quality work in NYC. With no job, ends to meet and a closet full of clothes; she decided to put her clothes up for auction on EBay. Her clothing was an instant hit, and Barbara realized she had an eye for fashion and a penchant for what sells. She took her profits from the auctions and invested them into her online venture. When developing her boutique, Barbara had an important goal; she wanted BE FASHION to reflect her views about fashion while encouraging women to explore their own personal style.

BE FASHION offers ultra-feminine, moderately priced women’s clothing and handbags. Styles range from designer day and evening dresses such as Suzi Chin priced at $100 or less to designer evening dresses and gowns such as JS Boutique which are priced 20%-50% less than most department stores, with some other discounted items available. Special sections on the site include a line of vintage-inspired pieces as well as genuine leather handbags.

For more information about BE FASHION, please contact:
Barbara Codner
461 Central Park West
Suite 1E
New York, NY 10025
(347) 879-0822
Thank you for this opportunity. My websites are below.

Breathe Again Magazine
An online magazine to encourage women by sharing stories of overcoming adversity. Real life testimonies.

Magazine Blog

So He Cheated, Now What? - The Book
My personal testimony of overcoming an affair in my marriage.

Thanks again
My website is Our product is to conceal discoloration on toes after callus removal cause by corn. To give women of color who are afraid to expose their toes. The Incredible Corn Cealer will give them the confidence to put their best foot forward.
Hello everyone my site is I want to show you how making a committment to improving and maintaining your health can lead to great wealth. you can also follow me on my blog
Hi LaShanda!

As I'm sure you've been told a million times, this is a wonderful idea. I appreciate the opportunity to be reviewed and considered. My website is: Zhi ~ Bath and Body

I custom make bath products--Bath Soaks, Body Scrubs, & Body Cream. I also hand-pour Soy Candles. Because I have Psoriasis and like to smell and have great feeling skin too, every ingredient I use is all natural from good 'ol Mother Earth herself. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoyed creating it and the products it displays.

My Website is Michelle Cole's One Stop Shop it literally is a one stop shop for top of the line health, beauty, home, pet, etc products) and I even have major partner stores under the SHOP tab (top middle of my page)! I have a 6 month money back guarantee (postage paid) and free shipping for orders over $75, Ribbon Gift Collections, and Personal Accents jewelry automatically have free shipping! Plus I ALWAYS get back to my customers in within 24hrs! Specializing in Premuim Quality Full Lace Wigs, Fashion Forward Hair Designs & Undetectable Hair Loss Solutions

*Please support African American Owned Beauty Supply Businesses
Hello LaShanda. I would like to get my website featured. It's Natural And Happy. .We have great members, discussions and we motivate and encourage each other. Men and women are welcome to post their links on their page. We have discussions on faith, family, love and natural hair care.

Thank You And God Bless You


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