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You may or may not know this but Black Girl Click is BBWO's official Ad Network. With almost 10,000 members on BBWO, I've been racking my brain trying to discover new ways to feature your GREAT sites and then it hit me.... let's do a Daily Click!

Everyday, BBWO will feature one of your wonderful websites in our BBWO BLOG, Twitter Profile, and Facebook Page.

Rather than search and search and search through your member profiles, I decided to give you a little work (big smile). Just submit your link below and we'll see what happens. Only the best websites will get featured. Good luck!

LaShanda Henry
Creator of AND

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My website is for colored gurls, a lifestyle blog inspiring and empowering women of color. : )
Wow another good one (website)!
Thanks LaShanda

I hope I'm one of the lucky ones!

Thank you
drezrehersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co. a Exquisite~Exceptional~ Full Service Events Couture Boutique where we handle the details.. the drezrehersal...the I Do's. & a wide spectrum of specialty services that include Marketing/PR & Concierge. At drezrehersal , the professional team uses there experience to make each event one-of-a-kind.

Blog: the details...the drezrehersal...the I Do's... at:

Thank you in advance

Wedding & Event Producer
Hi I'm Marcella & I have a Great site that promote a wonderful "Free Shopping App". It saves you 30-60% when you shop online. Just visit:

You'll be glad you did (shameless plug)
Thanks LaShanda!

Seven5 Seven3 Marketing Group

My website is and I am starting a detox program call The Sensible Cleanse:

D.I.V.A. for Wellness specializes in Transformational Wellness, Cleasning Based on the Rainbow and Green Lifestyle.

Wishing much success to the business that are featured on Black Business Women Online!
I would like to link your site to a page on my site. I am Clyde Anderson owner of AndyClyde's Inc. Here is the page I would like to link your site to AndyClyde's Inc It's a little rough right now but I am asking women like you to help me make it better. My site gets 20K hits per month and it is viewed in 29 countries. Please contact me
Thanks, LaShanda:

Our website is called Everything SHE Writes,

We are still in the early stages, yet functioning. This is a website for book authors and writers.
We also have another website that's called Island of Infinity, Where Memories and Tooth Fairies Live Forever.

We send out personalized letters to children from the Tooth Fairy. We have four beautiful Princesses of different ethnicity.
Sorry, but I just thought I would add our other site that is not ready just yet. However we are now looking for those of you who would like to take advantage of our free offer. All the links are in draft-mode right now, because we haven't launched yet.

Please visit us at: - It's a website for everything imaginable for women. It's set to be a real hot spot.

Thanks, LaShanda. This is another fantastic idea to help all of us.
I am a Co/Owner of My Sassy Kids Boutique of Texas a way to help you promote your business without spending a dime.

My personal website is Gold Canyon Candles


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