Before I share my story in the hopes that it will encourage others, I must say GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! Sometime in August, I blogged about a Direct Sales opportunity that went south.  We found out that the Company was a scam and had taken almost 60,000 USD in consultant fees.  The President resigned, and everyone was in a state of shock.  Well, the President went on to start over, to take her vision and make it plain, so I and some others went along with her.  Nicole Jones, African American, business woman, lecturer, entreprenuer.  

I decided to join her in rediscovering the universal love for shoes with a unique boutique experience known as Nchantment. She is finally making her dream a reality, and our new business model will be an incredibly entrancing experience. I am ready for the journey.  I am extremely elated to be a part of Consultants who  have transitioned from the former company to participate in this concept which merges colorful fashion; quality, innovative technology; and most of all, highly-desired fashionable shoes. Prepare to be enchanted! for more information.

As I was suffering from the loss of one company, I was intorduced to another Direct sales opportunity, to become and Art Dealer. HA! I thought to my self, how would I make money doing that.  But the Bible is real clear...Faith without works is dead and God is good all the time.  I was able the join this company free of charge because my friend, who was also a part of the other company, convinced them that he should allow some of us to join without an initial investment seeing we had just lost so much money in the other venture.  What did I have to lose?  I know that entreprenuership is part of my season, so I went on and even attended a Job Prosper event held in NYC for people looking to work from home.  This was the first time I had seen the product that I was supposed to be advertising and speaking to people about business opportunities.  I was in love.  Custom oil paintings...Transform your pictures into an oil painting. for more information go to


I say all that to say, truly when one door closes, another door (and even some windows) open up.


Stay encouraged sistahs!!!



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