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I decided to start an online magazine focused on love, dating and relationships. I'm looking to create a team of writers (including both men and women) who can consistently contribute to the site with articles from their perspective, experience and journalistic instincts. I need someone with a fresh approach and who can write out side of the box. In other words, I would love to find someone with an unorthodox approach to their writing style. There are a few sites out there that are similar to what I'm doing, but nothing major; I did my homework ;-) My goal is to become major. I plan to interview people from all walks of life that are willing to share their stories and that includes celebrities as well. I'm currently in the process of working on the site as we speak and plan to launch it by Mid May if at all possible. I need writers who are also willing to commit to their own column and can brand themselves well. I can't pay anyone right away, but the exposure will be valuable. Once we are up and running, the site will begin to bring in the capital needed to pay any and everyone involved. If you know of anyone interested, please have them inquire via email:

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Hey sis, just saw your tweet today and I have 2 sisters on my site I think you would be interested in. They are both writers, have their own blogs and are intense, deep and sisters whose perspective I don't always agree with. That's why I consider them unique. I think they are both NY'ers and due to them living in such a diverse, cosmopolitan international city, I think they might be what you're looking for. If you are still looking for writers, please let me know. Thanks,

Good Luck with your endeavors.

Hi Dinyell, congratulations on your new venture.  I suggest that you tap into the power of relationship coaches, because they are always looking for exposure for their books and services.  I will definitely spread the word to those women I'm connected with.


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