Your website can either MAKE YOU MONEY or COST YOU MONEY. You decide.

You are a smart business woman and you're in it to make money.  So, what if I were to tell you that your website could actually be causing you to lose money.

You might think, "Well, I'm not getting any sales through my website because I'm not implementing SEO and people are not able to find me."

Could be.  Or, perhaps they are finding you, but your website is not doing its job in converting those visitors into leads.  Your website only has a few seconds to draw your visitors in and engage them.

How is your website performing?

Can't answer this question?  Is it because you don't have analytics installed?  Or, maybe it's installed, but you just aren't sure how to interpret the data and use it to make the best decisions for your online marketing efforts?

In either case, Gems Shine Consulting is here to help.  We are developing a series of webinars that will completely change the way you think about marketing your business online and how you go about it.  Join us if you want to increase your online, qualified leads!

Free Analytics Webinar Recording
September 19 - "How To Determine Which Web Pages To Improve" LIVE W...
September 23 - "How To Determine Which Web Pages To Improve" LIVE W...

Still not convinced?

C. Adams, Spirit of Excellence Consulting, Inc. - "Lavada's presentation was great for individuals with little technical knowledge.  While it was thorough, the information was provided in "bite sized" pieces which made it easy to comprehend.  The scenarios used were also relevant which was a tremendous value add.  I was able to see exactly where my business fit in and which numbers would be important in my analysis... Great presentation and I will definitely attend future webinars from Gems Shine."

K. Harrell, YourSimple Bookkeeper, Inc. - "I am amazed and blessed to have met Lavada!  She is a breath of fresh air in how she is able to interpret a complex subject like Web Analytics in a way a non-techy girl like myself can understand.  The webinar was both easy to follow and understand as well as engaging.  I was most impressed with how Lavada incorporated a Jeopardy-like feature where she gave us a case study and allowed us to answer questions to show we grasped the information being presented.  I would not only recommend anyone attend Lavada's webinars but also utilize her services.  Looking forward to what's to come!"

I look forward to partnering with you to reach your online marketing goals.  Ensure your website is making you money and not costing you money!

Have a blessed one!

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Thanks to those of you who participated in yesterday's webinar! I always enjoy working with you ladies and sharing great information!

If you missed yesterday's or were not aware of these webinars, you still have an opportunity to join Thursday's session.

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