Hello Successful Ardyss Distributors,

I'd like to share with EVERY ARDYSS DISTRIBUTOR a GREAT Internet Marketing Tool that is Changing the way we as Ardyss Distributors can do Business! It's already working for me! I recently signed up for the site, and within 1 week, I recruited New Distributors out of Chicago, Cleveland and Los Angeles. This new Website and Lead Capture System was recently developed with the assistance of Platinum President Gail "The Money Lady" Mathis, and it is Awesome! The site is only $15 a month, and for me, it is already proving to be well worth every dollar! Follow the link below to learn more, then simply click "System Sign-Up" at the bottom of the page to get your site going. Feel free to forward this link to your Team and other Ardyss Distributors who you want to help grow their Business!

ArdyssLife Coach

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Hello Janise,

My name is Denise and I signed up for this site today! I see that you have already recruited a few distributors, I wanted to know how did you "advertise" your site or link! Thanks!
Hey Denise,
I apologize for taking a while to get back; however, I did not see your question until today! To answer you question...I use several Techniques to promote my Ardyss Change in Ten Website. First, my Change in Ten Webite is the only web address I use on my Promotional and Marketing Materials...Business Cards, Flyers, Postcards, etc...NOT the Ardysslife site the company gives us (the Change in Ten Site Links to the Ardysslife site). Then I promote online on various Classified Ad and Social Networking sites (Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, etc...). I hope this helps...Continue Success in Ardyss!

ArdyssLife Coach


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