It doesn't matter who you are or where you're going. If you're using a personal vehicle to get there, an auto tip is always useful.

Are you glad the gas prices are down? But, we keep hearing how bad the economy is doing. That shouldn't stop you from maintaining your car. Keep up with your oil changes, rotating the tires with the proper air pressure, and tune-ups. Just yesterday, I noticed the gas prices creeping back up. So, everyone needs to be dilegent about the their auto maintenance. Don't cut corners with your vehicle. With people being laid off, you may need to travel a little further to make ends meet.

Here a topic that is overlooked by many car owners: Timing belts

Does your vehicle have over 60,000 miles? Did you buy it used? Do you have the maintenance records from that purchase? The timing belt is the most overlooked maintenace. Most people are surprised that there is a timing belt on there vehicle. If they know, they're surprised by the repair cost. A ounce of prevention could cost you about $300 to $400. A new motor or vehicle will cost more, in the end. The timing belt is overlooked because it's not seen by the naked eye. It's under a cover. You can't look at it to see if it need replacement. When do most people notice the timing belt? When it breaks as you're driving down the road. Your vehicle will suddenly shut off. You will lose all power to your vehicle. When the timing belt breaks, there is a chance the engine will need replacement. You won't know until the repair starts. Most engine are called interference motors. This will keep them from being repaired.
In other words, get the timing belt replaced. With our economy going up and down, the last thing you're going need is a new car.
Take care, and happy motoring.

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thank you.
These are great tips!


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