Transactions For Hope™ (TFH), is a merchant solutions provider that offers you the opportunity to BEAT or MATCH your current business processing fees, while at the same time giving back to your favorite cause.

Transactions For Hope will give 20% of our total gross revenue collected from your merchant fees every month to the charity, church, foundation, or non-profit organization of your choice; given in your name so that you get the recognition!

Switching your credit & debit card processing to TFH is free and easy! One simple download, and you're now saving money & giving to the charity of your choice.

NO new equipment to purchase if you already have one; with nearly all PCI-compliant hardware, software, and gateways supported. Our on-going partnerships with the leading processing platforms ensures compatability with most pre-existing hardware equipment combinations in the field today.


We have free terminals with a three year contract.


We are committed to integrity in business by helping a wide range of non-profit organizations and businesses. Through our Agent’s personal relationships with local and national businesses, we provide a constant stream of funding to the organizations that are close to the merchant’s heart.

As a merchant you are already paying credit/debit card fees...   Why not make those fees work for you, and benefit your favorite charity or community program?
I look forward to serving you!
Tameshia Weaver
Transactions for Hope

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