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When a business owner hear the words business plan, the first thing that comes to mind is the blue print for how their company is going to be run. That is not exactly what we are talking about when we mention our small business plan. What we do is provide you with access to top rated attorneys and experienced business consultants which can help you with developing your business plan an more.

here are so many things that small business owners need to keep up on. Employees, Government Regulations, Vendors, Customers, Leases, Contract, just to name a few. With our Small Business Plan we give you access to Affordable Legal and Small Business Counsel. This isn't to replace what you all ready have in place. It is to provide you with a supplement so that you can utilize the benefits of getting sound advice without having to worry about the high hour cost which could be incurred. 

If you have any questions and would like to know more call me at 973-943-4073. I'll be happy to go over what we can do to help you business run more smoothly.

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