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I am delighted to join the Business Women In San Diego group. Now we know that there at least two of us interested in the web and business.

I started a business - My Home Down Payment a year and a half ago. Up until the September of 2008 the business was in development. We arrived on the web officially then. During development I took a nine month certificate program in Interactive Multimedia at North City Center on Aero Drive. In addition to learning web design, I also took classes in SEO/SEM.

My Home Down Payment is a for profit business focusing on nationwide down payment assistance programs for low to moderate income families. Our niche is having Government - FHA, VA, Rural Development, Conventional - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Non Profit - Habitat for Humanity, and Specialized (usually union or employer based) down payment assistance programs all in one place. This gives our target audience an opportunity to take a look at many programs in one place and, hopefully, helps in making a decision as to which programs will help low to moderate income families when purchasing a home. is the blog for My Home Down Payment. I try to stay on target with news for first time homebuyers and related topics, but sometimes an issue will cause me to write a rant or a rave.

During the first quarter of January the business plan calls for an intense marketing effort as well as adding affiliate advertisers. Content will see four new states added. A newsletter, public relations campaign, e-articles, surveys and polls will be added to the mix.

I'm having a great time utilizing my experience in the housing and finance industries, and trying out my development skills in this new business.
Yasmin, I'm glad to have you apart of the group. I am an author and business owner. I've written and published 3 books. I own an online magazine called From A Writers POV. We give writers an opportunity to express themselves and display their work.

I'm also the owner of a ministry. Ladies of Christ Proverbs 31. We are reaching out to all women in hopes to encourage and motivate them.

I recently started an organization called Take the Challenge....I Dare You! Daring others to work on their trouble areas.

I will be launching my own personal company in the new feature.

I think that's about it for me :)
I am excited to join the Business Women In San Diego group. I am an Independent Distributor for Wowgreen International, LLC and I am located in the San Diego/Santee area. Wow Green is an enzyme based cleaning product that is 100% safe and free of hazardous chemicals. Wow Green’s mission is “Freeing the World of Toxic household at a time” To find out more about the products and a business opportunity log on to: or you can contact me directly at 858-752-1474


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