Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs had it's first Co-op Advertising seminar on it's Blog Talk Radio show.  Co-op Advertising is simply pooling financial resources together for more effective advertising and marketing.  For example, it may cost $1400 for a professionally created marketing video.  $1400 is sometimes hard for one individual, however $100 split between 14 people is alot more economical and won't cause the same type of financial hardship.  How does Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs fit into Co-op Advertising?  We have a network for co-op advertising and also a group for co-op advertising group on Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs.  These two services operate off of the co-op advertising concept because members pay into more effective advertising via our exclusive marketing.  Newsletters, brochures, business cards, trade shows, and many more avenues are used for members of these two services.



The Co-op Advertising network and group will focus on the more costly avenues of marketing and advertising both offline and online.  We will market members of the group and network, which means we will create articles, press releases, social media, video marketing, books, newsletters, magazines and partnerships that advertise and market.  In order for Co-op Advertising to work for you. let me mention a couple of important issues.  First, you will need to find a niche market that you are passionate about promoting.  Second, you want to have a product that will get you immediate sales into your pocket.  Third, promote product and services that people need or want.


The members of co-op advertising will be a big part of which products and services will be marketed as part of our co-op advertising brand.  The first product that co-op advertising will market is our Co-op Advertising eBook.  The eBook is an effective marketing tool because it' mentions both the network and group, which will increase our page views.  The eBook is also available in our affiliate program which can network affiliates 50% of the retail cost of $17.95.  It's Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs exclusive product that can create and network immediate profits.  We will have more products and services that will be available as affiliate products.

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